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  1. Everytime I try to draw this song comes to mind. Its just that good...

    Eerie really wouldnt be the word here since 'requiem' is in the title. To me its more of a mourning for the loss of better times. Like when it plays in the middle ages in the game :D very sad melody. Would make for a very cinematic quality death scene. I really like this song...ALOT.. lol.

    Great work scott, you da bombs ^_-

    :sleepdepriv: mmm... *shudder*..french vanilla...

  2. This is one of the best mixes on this site. Nintendo should've had this to replace that stages current music. Sure the percussion goes a little overboard, but I'm not complaining because it suited the peice perfectly. A nice strong closure with the quiet finish. I hope DJ Pretzel makes more like this one. If this were a movie review... 5 stars :wink:

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