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  1. Some of the best mixxes include emotion, and I think this piece hits it right on the head. It has that bittersweet meloncholy feel to it, almost haunting if you will. The vocoding was done great and never abused. What were the lyrics? It sounded like actual words being sung. This one is definately gonna be in my head for weeks. I'm with DJP on this one, two thumbz up!
  2. Everytime I try to draw this song comes to mind. Its just that good... Eerie really wouldnt be the word here since 'requiem' is in the title. To me its more of a mourning for the loss of better times. Like when it plays in the middle ages in the game very sad melody. Would make for a very cinematic quality death scene. I really like this song...ALOT.. lol. Great work scott, you da bombs ^_- mmm... *shudder*..french vanilla...
  3. Great work. I honestly thought about passing this one up. I'm glad I didnt because I really enjoy the different style applied to this peice. It really touched down on familiar roots but yet kept a certain new-ness to it thats hard to explain. Definately give this one a listen to
  4. This remix was great considering the direction you went into. Awesome orchestral quality strings. I loved your mario 64 sunkensuite remix. Hell I STILL love it. You gotta make us some more orchestral pieces DJ-P. You're just so DAMN good at them
  5. This is one of the best mixes on this site. Nintendo should've had this to replace that stages current music. Sure the percussion goes a little overboard, but I'm not complaining because it suited the peice perfectly. A nice strong closure with the quiet finish. I hope DJ Pretzel makes more like this one. If this were a movie review... 5 stars
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