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  1. Ah, must have been the vgmix one that I remember then. Surprised it didn't catch on. thanks for that
  2. yeh I've done a couple myself, want to see what else is out there. Am tempted to start a mini project myself and finish off the rest of the FF5 soundtrack that I've started ^^ It's impressive what a bit of tweaking can do an already epic soundtrack!
  3. thanks, never saw that. theyve been busy adding stuff to this site since I've last stepped foot in here eh
  4. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. I've searched the forums a bit and turned up no result so here goes. I remember, a good long while back, there was mention, I think on here, of a community based around taking old SPC tunes, exporting the 8 individual tracks and upscaling/modifying/modernising the sound and creating newer versions of old tunes using only the base SPC source track as material. I can't for the life of me find it anywhere on the net, google nor forum search functions seem to be helping me. Just wondering if anyone remembers or knows if this little project is still
  5. random question....any performers on this project able to play the flute, or anyone not already involved be willing to contribute a performance?
  6. sure we are it's only taken me 3 attempts and about 6 months to get this far with my one track hehe. I'm sure we'll see a finished project sometime in the....not so near future... Ah no seriously though, I think things are coming together nicely from what I've heard so far. this is gonna be a project to be proud of when it's all done n dusted Good things come to those who wait...
  7. A lil while after finding this thread I found myself messing about with Fable and came up with something interesting. If there's still room on the project I'd like to contribute something..
  8. he used one of my song titles one time and put a different artist as the example. needless to say I was a little ....confused/bemused/amused it's only an example for example's sake tho.
  9. the lyrics? works fine for me. I'll post em here anyways if you like. (EDIT: I see now, the file has an extra DOT on the file extension, the project site is linked correctly but the forums arent) I don't suppose that flp would work with v4.5 would it? or is there any way you can save it in the older format? A Million voices urge me on But they're all up inside my head A million hands that judge my work Could they all be wrong I try my best, I give my all Weaving patterns in the air Hear the melodies Weaving sounds inside your head **Bridge** And all of these melodic waves Will the
  10. sonic splash is linked wrong or the file is missing/mispelt?? either way its not working
  11. voting is one week this time round isnt it? two weeks really was too long last time.(actually I forgot to vote in the end because I thought I had looooads of time left..im a bad planner see..)
  12. submitted mine, just waiting for a confirmation from abadoss that he got it, wasnt sure if it sent right?
  13. not supposed to post the link here, pm it to abadoss and they're all released together on sunday. Also, 95% complete and I get writer's block. 4am miracle my &^$&^$% and also, that wikiupload is terrible, i cant even download the file because of the backwards form system they're using.
  14. have you ever heard me sing before? I'm an engineer's worst nightmare I assure you
  15. quality over quantity my dear man, quality over quantity mine will be done, rest assured. vocals are soooooooooooooo tedious and time consuming to mix correctly....
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