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  1. IT very good... I wonder whats the orginal thingy. And u noe wat made me get this... i was watching the simpsons(thats rite 'THE SIMPSONS')... and these is a episode where homer buys all this junk from McBain and must fit it in his Car, so he say :"This is where all the time on the acarde pays off"(or something like that but funnier) and then it plays "this" music(the orginal) and homer fits everything in the car... except him so McBain Takes him home.lol I said all that i must have gotten carried away...lol
  2. i was checking through Kazaa(yes Kazaa) and i saw "System of a Down - Weird AL" and it refered to this song??? is the world going insane!!! but a good thing i found on crazy related to this ReMix... is that there was a sorta trailer...not the Legendary Frog Flash but one advertising Zelda:WW... and i was wondering did nintendo use this song for a offical trailer!!! but it probs wasn't... so... Blah
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