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  1. What struggle? Pick blue. All blue, all the time, blue is always the good option and everything works out nicely. The only reason to ever pick red is if you feel like being a jerk. Most players will just go Paragon and stick with it except maybe to punch that reporter, or go Renegade and stick with it except maybe to give Tali a hug. The sides aren't even in opposition. You just deal with situations however you want, knowing that blue means happy ending and red means asshole ending where someone probably dies. That's not a struggle.
  2. I think it's the tone shift that people object to. "The Giver" is not a space opera. The protagonist is not a supreme badass who overcomes seemingly insurmountable problems time and time again. It's a bleak, dystopian novel created to challenge the idea that ignorance is bliss. Nobody would read a book like that and expect a concrete, happy ending. Mass Effect was pure Hollywood sci-fi until the lead writer played the Deus Ex games and thought "Holy shit, I need to get in on this." Naturally, people felt cheated. Imagine being back in 1983, seeing Return of the Jedi. You've been following the
  3. Bioware employees are being awfully cryptic on Twitter. Seems they have something in the works. Who's betting on "buy the real ending" DLC? On the other hand, if this is all leading up some masterstroke revelation that explains why we saw the stupid ending and gives us a decent conclusion without any retcons and we don't have to pay for it and they can prove that they'd planned it all from the beginning, I might just be willing to forget that Dragon Age 2 happened. Tall order, though.
  4. You know, as much as people are harping on about the "Three choices" part of the ending, I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the lead-up as well. Going around and having one last conversation with your teammates was good, but that was about it. I spent the whole game building up this massive army and I was expecting to see them kick some ass, but there's no real payoff. I was hoping for something more like ME2, where you get to see how well the mission goes based on the decisions you made. Show me those intelligent geth primes wrecking some shit. Show me the Migrant Fleet bombing a reape
  5. Even if that's true, just because an ending is perfect for setting up a sequel doesn't mean it's a good ending. Hell, they could have put the pieces in place for a "clean slate" MMO by saying "And then the Crucible turned everyone into elves and dwarves and transported them to an alternate dimension resembling medieval England", but it still would have been ridiculous. And I'd still have preferred it because at least it would have been entertainingly ridiculous and contained fewer plotholes than what actually happened.
  6. Yeah, sorry, the ending is pretty much five minutes of "Are you fucking kidding me." Even if you liked where they went with it thematically, it still provides no closure at all and invalidates everything you accomplished.
  7. Bloody hell, some of the Renegade moments in this game are brutal. Anyone not playing Paragon had better brace themselves. If you thought you were being an asshole before, wow. Props to Bioware for pulling off some hard-hitting scenes and making you feel those big decisions.
  8. You need to change your avatar. I seriously spent like half an hour thinking you were Bleck and wondering since when the fucking hell Bleck uses emoticons, especially that emoticon. It was awful. Oh and nice thread I suppose, I love radios and shows!
  9. "Over the top" doesn't necessitate T&A. You can still have flashy, memorable outfits without them having to be sexy. I would argue that it's actually counterproductive to do that because it makes every female character look the goddamned same. Look at the male characters. Look at the variety. You've got Shang Tsung in his mystical sorcerer duds going up against Stryker, who wears a police uniform. Put Raiden next to Jax. Kano next to Kung Lao. You'd never get these guys mixed up. They're all vibrant and unique. Even the ninjas, who used to be straight-up palette swaps, have had some effort
  10. You know, Mileena could have been alright the way she was. Yes, she's wearing skimpy, impractical clothing, but she's doing it to compensate for her sharkface. Her whole schtick is that she appears to be this gorgeous, seductive woman until the veil comes off and then oh god she's eating my head. Her clothing is part of her character (insofar as anyone in Mortal kombat has a character) and it would be diminished without it. The problem is that every woman in the game is dressed much the same way. The only one not wearing lingerie is Sonya, and even then she gets a vest to show off cleavage/mid
  11. Perhaps I should have just said "Don't call women sluts." There is nothing wrong with a woman being sexually forward.
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