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  1. i almost forgot about the new halo 2 maps coming out O.o anyone know about what time the halo 3 ad will air tomorrow? also, the wingless (if you're still in the clan): it seems you have some pretty talented fans http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40975299/
  2. damn toys r us near me had a shit load of wiis in stock >.> 29 people there without preorders, and then a few with em and they still had at least 15-20 more tickets guaranteeing a wii... right now it's getting a message or something from a friend and the blue slot LED is on and it's pretty cool, almost creepy too since it's pulsating o.o too bad it's only on when the system is off and downloading stuff :/ other than that it's pretty nice i wanna get my friend who also got a wii and have him bring his controller over and play tag with the pointers in the main menu >.>
  3. same here O.o we need to do something to bring life back into here D:
  4. >.> <.< i live! +bump for life sorry i haven't been on much :/ been kinda busy with school and all...
  5. hokay so i'm back from vacation actually i got back last tuesday... but i might be tied up for a few more days since i'm working on building a new computer right now and the rest of the parts come in tomorrow. but it will be going into my room and i am getting a tv tuner/capture card so i, too, will be able to record clan matches i have work today, but only 1-8 so i'll try to get on later... perhaps with a guest... i dunno... well now you guys know i'm not dead >.>
  6. wtf? how do you lose your xbox? O.o
  7. i see deimos online, i'll go join him shortly i guess
  8. sounds like my local gaming place, gameforce, only a helluva lot better... they only have PCs and Consoles... but there are tables for lounging and magic. and it's like $6 an hour for PCs and $3 i think for consoles :/ but still fun cuz it's the only place like it in town XD (and my pc sucks for games >.> ) i'll try to get on tonight and hopefully i'll have a friend with me so extra fun
  9. rawr... i need to get on more... but they have me closing almost every night at mcdonalds and i still gotta get up early every morning so i don't have much time for halo right now ;_; but in a week or 2 i should be able to get back into playing more often
  10. i believe it's up to 100 people...
  11. heh, bad experience a long time ago, my mom was in a chat room (scary, i know) and i was behind her reading what the people were saying and someone said something about "PR" and neither me or my mom knew what it was, so i suggested "public restroom?" which mother dearest typed in and the person got all touchy about it thinking that we only thought of puerto rico as some shit hole... sorry i've been gone, had a lan party a weekend ago and too lazy to move the tv and such back to my room... that plus work is being a bitch and demanding most of my time >.> don't expect me on till at least the 12th, going to akon friday-sunday. anyone else going?
  12. grwar... brother wants to go to sleep so i can't get on live tonight :/ tomorrow night then... but probably at 11:45 to midnight starting time til 3 am or so but anyways... w00t! no more school for me at least for a couple months... Mr Azar: i'm sure just about the entire internet knows that halo 2 is coming out for vista thus there was no need to discuss it here really...
  13. right now i'm having a little mini lan party for a couple friends to practice up for the big end of the year party my friend is throwing on friday. i might throw another mini lan wednesday too... and i got outta my math exam so happy, i'll tell the story later tho... tomorrow is also my last day and deej, i'd come except for getting there (what state you in?) and that's akon weekend so i'm gonna be in dallas nerding it up :/ EDIT: i'd like to arrange a late night party tomorrow, tuesday night at about 11:30 central. that will be my last day of teh schoolz0rz and it would be nice to do a little celebrating :3 deej would probably enjoy it too...
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