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  1. For sure man, you said it - epic match up! My brain was fried from the hours of intense close votes! Like I said man, it could have gone either way REAL easily! ONE VOTE !!! Yep, till we battle again, my friend :)

  2. Thanks man! Yeah, I'm pumped! :D :D :D

  3. I totally would... except I don't think it would get through... it's YEARS old :D I might do a revamp of it one day... I've got a few remixes I want to re-do :D

  4. Hey dude, sorry about the late reply!!! Thanks for that man, glad you like the mix! I use Reason 3.0 ... got a mix to be posted soon, hopefully it's up before too long! Keep an eye out! Working on a lot of tracks for various projects, so I'm busy with those, but hopefully they'll be posted here too. Thanks for the message dude! :D

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