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  1. Hey Robbie, did you get my PM about the Sonic CD project by chance? Thanks!

  2. Picked this up on Friday for the Xbox 360- and at a nice price too! The first game was my favourite kart racer; this is just plain one of the best racers I've played. The soundtrack amazing, the actual racing is nice and weighty and a lot tighter than the first one. There's 10x the amount of single player content, and the transforming mechanic is brilliant. With the rules of the road changing every 30 seconds or so, racing strategies need to be adjusted on the fly, and each vehicular state is as great as the other. Which is a relief, as I was pretty nervous about this aspect of the game - I d
  3. Hey thanks guys! Nah' it's all the original vocals in this track... don't think I'll add any of my own... Mr Bellamy pretty much had it covered the first time around! Thanks for chiming in guys - glad you're digging it!
  4. https://www.box.com/s/a76231fe0d652b84a7a0 Started working on this one last night. I'm not aiming for this to be anything extravagant, just a kick-ass 80's Club mix with a modern edge. My beats and Matt Bellamy's vocals will be driving this one. Haven't worked on a lot of instrumentation yet - just working on the arrangement around the vocals for now. I'm going for a real Grum kinda sound with this one - his take on EVERYTHING is always 80's, and always, always awesome A bit basic so far, but it's turned out really well so far! Lemme know what you think, and thanks for stopping by!
  5. Geez, thanks guys. Means a lot! Yeah, the timing on the vocals will be fixed when I record the final vox. Usually, my process is that I record a set of dummy vox and just listen to it over and over for a couple of days, then if I find myself singing along to it a little differently, then that's the direction I'll take when recording the final set of vocals. Thanks for the words of encouragement - I'll definitely continue on with it
  6. This is a WIP - and a track I'm using to vent. I've had a tough time with a lot of things lately, and no matter how I try, I just can't seem to express my frustrations. Well, till now. I decided to put a voice to my resentments, and here's what I've come up with - got it done before work yesterday, haha. The melody is a little cheesy, but meh. It's a sketch, it's very basic at the moment, and it sounds a little 80's, but not too much. I really don't care either way, haha. It's what I do, so yah. Still working out phrasing for the vox, so expect a re-record of the vox sometime soon. Is it worth
  7. Robbie's response is here - and sadly, I'll have to bow out of the comp - I have to work an extra couple of days at work this week, and between family engagements, a baby shower, a bridal party meeting on the Saturday, Family meeting on Sunday AND trying to sort out stuff for VROOM, I haven't had any time to even touch my mix since Monday night after work. Nor have I even had time to get back to Diablo III either this week, so that's how much time I haven't had. Sorry to let you guys down. I didn't wanna be another person to drop out, and I'm kicking myself, cause I'm still so excited about th
  8. Just got through listening and placed my votes. Holy crap guys, awesome stuff! Y U MAKE IT SO HARD??? And I'm not talking about my penis. Or maybe I am. MYSTERY!
  9. Listening to the lot now, and I'll vote as I go along. Great stuff this week so far guys! Me likey!
  10. For sure man, you said it - epic match up! My brain was fried from the hours of intense close votes! Like I said man, it could have gone either way REAL easily! ONE VOTE !!! Yep, till we battle again, my friend :)

  11. Dude! Talk about an epic matchup. That was really enjoyable. Congrats and definitely a deserved win. Until we battle again ;)

  12. Thanks Rexy! And congrats to everyone on such a memorable first round - I think we kicked things off pretty well! EDIT: Rexy - I already have the perfect idea for Tidal Tempest and Lava Reef I may even start on it tomorrow!
  13. Right back at ya dude! Was awesome fun! And congrats to Liam - one vote man, ONE VOTE! Really could have gone either way - it was a pleasure going up against you and your awesome mix EDIT: All I need now are the PANCAKE-MIXES, and then, finally, I'll be able to get to bed
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