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  1. Sadly, this one won't make the Haloween cut-off, but I should have it done in the next week! I've legit not got enough time to finish it to the quality I want with work in the mix But I will keep plugging away at it toward the end of the week, and hopefully be able to submit it next week!
  2. 'Spectral Lover' WIP 3 Spectral Lover 3.0 - Crispy Edition.mp3 I've changed the Bass Line. Still needs some tweaking, but it's much less obtrusive now. The piano is also brought forward. I actually layered the piano I had with another, a really cool free Decent Sampler patch by called Reel to Reel Piano. It's very mid, low heavy, and gives it way more weight It's also a lot crispier now. Next up on my list, some stuff to add to the chorus sections. I'll probably do all the percussion stuff last, as I tend to fixate on the small stuff instead of the meat on the bones if I let myself, and I need to get this done!!!
  3. Thanks for the reply Hemo! Yeah, the higher registers is a mix down flaw... I was screwing around with my Ozone master template (I tend to work it out on the fly and as I go along as a guide) and I cut the higher register too much! The bass frequencies I haven't even really paid attention to; it's basically there as a guide at the moment, and I think I will change the bass instrument completely. The M1 Fretless is nice, but yeah, I don't think it's the right fit, and it's a spectrum hog. I can't cut it without losing what makes it great, so new bass it shall be! The Piano I also agree on. It was even softer earlier, but I'll definitely bring it through! Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Trying to get this done in time to sub for Halloween! Not too spooky, but rather chill, ghostly and ethereal. 'Spectral Lover' WIP 2 Spectral Lover.mp3 I found the source in a video on YouTube featuring the various ports of a visual novel game called Dead of the Brain. Not really my cup of tea generally, but the artwork and atmosphere is stunning. The OST however, particularly for the FM Towns port, is magnificent; classic 90s redbook audio if ever I heard it. This particular song caught my attention and I knew I wanted to do a ReMix of it instantly. Very basic, but with gorgeous chords and a simple but beautiful melody. I've elaborated on the source a lot. It was basically 4 tracks of instrumentation, so there was ample space to build on its very solid bones. Here it is: Source: Dead of the Brain ~Shiryou no Sakebi~ FM Towns - Track 02 02.mp3 I've still got a ways to go with it. I need to add some breaks into the transitions.. you'll hear where it's lacking. I also need to work on the percussion more. I'll vary it up a bit more soon, and add some cymbals, because I haven't found the right one yet I also need to work on the bass line in the major sections a LOT! It's next on my to-do list, for sure. I've also got some sub melodies and harmonies to add too, with some other effects, filter work & mixing. I've put this together in two days so far, and I have a day and a half of being able to work on it before time runs out for me to submit in time for Halloween. Let me know what you think, and push me to the finish line!
  5. Thanks for the great feedback! I completely get where you're coming from. I dipped into some of my newer sound libraries for those... I think I'll have to dig into my older sample sets from waaay back to find some stuff that's more fitting. That being said, I'm not going tooooo straight house. I want some of those Ridge Racer-ish japanese vibes to come through and have it be a bit of a blend, but we shall see how it turns out. Thanks again!
  6. So I started this one yesterday. I recently hooked up my Xbox 360 again and started playing Sega GT Online, which contains the entire Sega GT 2002 soundtrack (along with some pretty meh new licensed tracks), and boy, have I forgotten how amazing this soundtrack is! So I was playing the game with this particular track on repeat and felt super inspired to do a take on it: I've been wanting to get better at EDM, and I could totally hear this track as a WipEout-style track, with shades of Ridge Racer in it, so here's my first WIP! WIP 1: Off The Grid Off The Grid 1.5.mp3 This track will absolutely skew longer, but I'm going to do my absolute best to make sure it's interesting all the way through, and not just some repetitive 8 minute long nothing. I hope it's already clear that I plan for this track to completely evolve all the way through. I haven't even gotten to the super melodic part of the source track yet, which is my favourite section Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think so far!
  7. Quick update. I've given this a bit of a revamp, and settled on my sounds and samples, and I've filled it out a bit. I have cut the intro verse out of this WIP, since it needs a lot of work. I still need to add more fills and effects. Next WIP should have an updated intro to it. After that, I plan on working on the final strip down, build up and balls-to-the-wall dance break that it will finish on. Let me know what you think! No Death In Love WIP 4.mp3
  8. Just a quick WIP update. I've cut out the extraneous (at the moment) stuff from the end. I've added some strings, some extra percussive elements and synths. The strings and synth need a lot of work; so do my transitions, especially the build up to the beat drop. I'll add in a lot more over the weekend, and hopefully start to lengthen the track. Keep an eye out for more progress WIP's here! I'm also thinking that I'm going to replace the synth guitar in the second 'verse' with something else. Anyways, let me know what you think so far, all feedback is welcome!!! No Death In Love WIP 2.5.mp3
  9. Thanks Larry! The hunt is on! Here are the lyrics; It includes a smattering of French, so there's that too! I'll stop the rain for you And steal the sun. Finding you was... There's no death in love. (Je vous attends...) Heart of fire. (Je vous attends...) I'll wait for you. (Je vous attends...) (Je vous attends...) I'll wait for you... Ice cold, in the dark, My heart's a stone. Emptier still, C'est mon coeur glacé. This frozen heart Crush my fears Melting for you. (Je vous attends...) (Je vous attends...) I wait for you...
  10. Here's a house mix of No Death In Love from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The original here is absolutely one of my favourite songs of all-time. Amazing vocals, gorgeous melodies, simple but haunting chords with a real cinematic flair. I really want to try and capture the feel of the track whilst giving it a modern house edge. Most instrument sounds here are placeholders at the moment, and I'm using the original isolated vocals in here. I really wish I could use them in the final version, but I am almost certain it's against the rules? I'm thinking I will need to find a female vocalist to re-record these vocals. I'd love the original feel to stay intact, but am completely open to somebody making it their own... get in touch! EDIT: SirenStar has kindly jumped on for vocal duties. I'm very excited now! Anyways, this is simple and straight to the point so far, lots of things to add and vary up. Let me know what you think so far! No Death In Love WIP 1.mp3
  11. I'm hoping to make it for Mario Month, but if not, I'll sub anyways! Anyhoo, this is an 80s, Giorgio Moroder-style mix of Rainbow Road & Moon. I have the rough song down, the basics are down and ready for me to go fill them with vocals - lots of stuff to do! This WIP doesn't have the vocals yet... I'm actually heading out on my property to sit and write them as we speak. I've cut out the intro, because I've yet to make a start on it. I might reprise the intro theme somewhere after the first chorus before it swings back into the main theme. The second repeat of the verse section will likely be extended, with the first bit, with a mix of vocals and a synth guitar solo section. The main bell in the 'BELL' version of the WIP just contains a placeholder DX-7 bell line to fill in space before the vocals hit, and it's basically just plays the main source melody straight. The bells will stay, likely as accents in the mix. I've included an instrumental version of the WIP without the bell too, if you're interested. I'm using a combination of Linn Linndrum samples, and Roland JUNO-106, Jupiter-8, SYSTEM-8 soft-synths and Dexed for the DX-7 bits so far. I've left the Juno synth noise in there for texture and character. I still have lots of flourishes and synth whooshes to add, along with extra percussion to add to the main beat, so it sounds a bit bare at the moment, but it will get there. Like I said, there's lots of work still to do! MK7 Rainbow Road (Moon) WIP 1 - Bell Version Mario Kart 7 Moon BELL.mp3 MK7 Rainbow Road (Moon) WIP 1 - Instrumental Version Mario Kart 7 Moon INST.mp3 Let me know what you think, and as always feedback is welcome
  12. New working title; NEO KOBE MYST-IC I've fleshed out the main source bits a lot. New lead, new piano pad bits, new retro pan flute! New synths! I'm using an E-MU Proteus for some of the piano pad (a 90s staple, the patch 'Heaven') and the slow synth vox at the moment. I'm going to try and find some of the sound effects from the original MYST OST in it to give it that real authentic sound, since Robyn Miller composed the entire thing with one. I've also brought in the Roland XV-5080 soft-synth, and will be incorporated some older Roland synths for the effects and cyberpunk flourishes I want to add later. The emptier section at the end of the second repetition of the main theme is where a new source will come into the mix... Sirrus' Theme will come in as a change of pace with some more rhythmic elements. At the moment, it only exists as, well, an emptier bit. There's a bit more volume this time now too, and I've done work on the reverb and mixing. It's sounding a lot better than the first WIP, that's for sure! There was a WIP 2.0, but it was largely the same, except I have now incorporated some of Hemo's feedback into WIP 2.5 . Still a lot to do, and it seems to becoming more cinematic as it goes along, but take a listen! NEO KOBE MYSTIC WIP 2.5 NEO KOBE MYST-IC WIP 2.5.mp3
  13. Hellooooooo! It has been a while, eh? I have been listening to a lot of early-to-mid 90s Cyberpunk influenced soundtracks and albums as of late. I've also slowly been getting back into music, thanks to my husband, who has been nudging me to re-kindle my love for music production. So I've decided to do some remixes to basically get back into shape. So yeah, started this yesterday. This is the original Myst by way of Snatcher & Burn-Cycle, pretty much. This mix incorporates elements of both the Myst Theme and Un-finale into a moody 90s Cyberpunk Redbook-style track. Source 1: Un-Finale Source 2: Myst Theme Still composing, so I haven't paid attention too much to the mixing or transitions. The themes are relatively untouched at the moment, but will be elaborated on more as the track progresses. The Synth Vox main lead and subtle harmony line in second repeat are likely to change and could be considered placeholders for the moment. I am limiting myself to exclusively to the Korg M1 Soft Synth and both the Roland D-50 and Sound Canvas VSTs for two reasons; to keep me focused, and to stay true to the inspiration behind the track. I may bring in another older-style soft-synth for more effects at some stage, but at this stage, it's 80s + 90s sounds all the way Feedback is welcome, and it's good to be back!!! MYST x Snatcher WIP 1.mp3
  14. Hey Robbie, did you get my PM about the Sonic CD project by chance? Thanks!

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