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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, i have a question about working with the 32bit Buffering on flstudio. I use Kontakt5 and it really annoyed me, that when i used to many sounds at the same time and it became louder, it sounded really distorted. I found the function to activate 32bit buffering on my flstudio file and got rid of the problem when playing the song in flstudio. But like i suspected, when i rendered it in 16bit wav or mp3 file, the distortion/overdrive was back. Now i could just mix it down a bit and make it less loud, but i want my song to be as loud as possible. My Question now is: is there a way to export it as mp3 oder 16bit wav, but keep it as loud as the project file originally is? Is there a render setting i overlooked? Or do i really have to make everything less loud. Thanks for your help
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