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using Kontakt in FL without a midi keyboard

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ok so I figured out how to use the mod wheel. you just select a port number on the top right corner of a vist plugin. then you add a midi out channel. right click on one of the knobs or the slider and select configure. then choose cc#1.

but I still dont know how I enable aftertouch in fl studio!

I read this article and I cant understand it for shit.

this is a quote from it.

"As for soft synths, I tried FL 7 with various third-party plug-ins, and

encountered no compatibility problems. However, there's a "gotcha" lurking

here: FL Studio routes only MIDI notes, pitchbend, and sustain pedal

messages directly to plug-ins. All controller data - including basic stuff

like mod wheel and aftertouch - is routed through FL's "Link to Controller"

utility, which you set up manually for each controller. So if your

third-party synth happens to have external control assignments programmed

into its presets, those routings won't work in FL Studio. You can recreate

them using a "MIDI learn" function: Simply pick the parameter you want from

FL's "Browse Parameters" drop-down menu, then move the physical controller.

You could then save template songs with assignments set up for your favorite

soft synths. If you use only a few basic controllers, you may like FL's

approach, because FL can massage MIDI data in complex ways before passing it

on to the synth (see "Automation," page 68). But if you've put time into

creating a control setup for a particular plug-in, or its factory presets

have ones you already like, you probably won't appreciate having to bypass


link to the article


can someone put this in simpler terms for me please?

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