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  1. yep... Im just going to reformatt. its about time I cleaned out my PC
  2. ever since I installed an "on screen rocorder", Ive been having a wierd problem with guitar rig and amplitube. when ever I turn eather one on, even when my guitar is unplugged, I keep getting a wierd feedback sound. I know the screen recorder messed with some audio settings though Im not sure what. I even tried turning everything off on the audio properties. recording and playback. it still makes that sound. is there any way to fix this? or is reformatting the only way out?
  3. uh, I know. Im just mentioning how Im doing something very similar. the project Im working on isnt a remix project its a remake project. origional songs using recorded instrument samples, rather than synths. he uses synths to make it sound exactly the same as the origional. Im using instrument samples to make it sound as if it were recorded by an actual band or orchestra...
  4. awsome! Im actually working on a remake album myself. Im going to make one album of each genesis sonic game. the difference between your remakes and mine is that yours sound exactly the same as the origional just using higher quality synths (which Im sure is whatyour going for). Im trying to use realistic instrument samples that sound similar as possible to the origional. you can hear some of my older work at myspace.com/sonicsongsremade I think its so cool that somebodys working on an hd project of sonic. My brother and I always wanted to make all the classic sonic games in 3D sidescrol
  5. yeah this was just completely thrown together. I know that the beginning needs some changes, and I know that the tune would not go with a metal track. the main part I was focusing on was the ending. all I wanted to know is if it would be possible for this song to be a metal track. thanks for the comments! Ill post an update when I have the time to make one
  6. Im starting a remake project, or cover album, of sonic 1. so I was messing around the other day with prominy lpc and a marble zone midi file. I realized that marble zone has a pretty good potential to being a metal remix. the only changes to the song is a very improvised metal drum track, the chorus sounding part uses two guitars (a left and a right), and I made the chorus sound a little more "solo like". remember that I made this in about 10 min. so it is nowhere near complete. also it may not be complete for a while since I am working on that remake/cover album let me know if you guys th
  7. I just bought the axiom 61 keyboard. Im trying to get my modulation to work in flstudio. I tried using link to controller. that sort of works, but really screwy. for some reason the mod wheel in fl studio only moves up. I push the mod up and it moves up, and when I push it down it also moves up! it goes all the way up unil it jumps to the bottom and then it starts agian. when I use kontakt 3 as a stand alone player it works perfect. Im only having trouble in fl studio... am I not supposed to use "link to controller" on modulation?
  8. so the title is my question. basically I want to load guitar rig into kontakt and have it only effect 1 instrument. the reason I dont just run kontakt through guitar rig, is because I dont want every instrument I load going through kontakt.
  9. anyone know where I can get the midi files or tabs for the origional spyro the dragon game? I googled it and nothing usefull came up... Im mainly looking for the gnorc cove midi.
  10. I like it a lot! it has a very origional feel to it. I think the lead would sound sick as a live guitar. but its great the way it is too. I also love the way it fades out at the end. I do agree that the drum samples should be changed, though its by far the best green hill mix I've heard! good job!
  11. THE SLAYER SUCKS. I was trying to do the same thing as you not too long ago. you can have a lot more realistic guitar sound using this free soundfont (if you have some kind of distortion software) http://sound.thasauce.net/sf2/ultimate_guitar_kit_2.rar extract it into, \Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Data\Patches\Soundfonts, open FL studio, look for soundfont on the side browser, right click "ultimate guitar kit", and simply add a new channel. to run it through distortion open the mixer at the top, right click "insert1", click "link selected channels - to this track". Im pretty sure the distorio
  12. the weird thing is, when I copy and paste the piano roll it still doesnt work! even when I copy the notes and start a new project! it is something with kontakt though Im not sure what. soundfonts work when I replace it, or copy and paste the notes, and so does everything else I tried. I really want to use kontakt because I have my best samples in that software. when I write out my own piano roll, and copy it over to kontakt it works perfect. I have never been so confused with fl. if anyone has kontakt and fl, try downloading any midi from here http://www.teamartail.com/midi/ (such as green hi
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