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I made this for a video game!


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This could almost go for Chrono Trigger Black Omen remix lol. Might have to do something with the chord progressions and stuff. I dig it =p 1:51 a massive highlight for me and I think it was at this section that the "mood" of a wintery scene was the most portrayed. Good work!

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Well, maybe not a video game, but a mod. I was contacted to write for a Neverwinter Nights mod, and this is what I made:


it's for a snow level. have fun!

Hey I gave a listen, and I like the concept. It's a good tune for a video game, but I wasn't keen on the strings. They have no presence. I think they need some more highs. It sounds like they may have been recorded at a low sample rate, resulting in the loss of a lot of those rich highs that make them seem alive.

I also think you need at least some bottom... just something there that plays periodically. It would help fill up the otherwise very empty gaps in the song.

But those are the only two negatives I have. I do like it and I wanna hear an improved version because you have a really good concept here =)

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