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  1. I am still remixing! I can't stop. I actually probably should, but I can't!
  2. Not sure if you remember me, but I was around back then and I still am! Just not as often nowadays...
  3. I'll be there! I'm gonna be hella busy so if you see me please grab me by the manbun and give me a hug
  4. Hey guys! I just finished this big ol' rock arrangement of Hopes and Dreams that I've been working on for almost two years. I hope you enjoy!
  5. dude, awesome! congrats
  6. Magfest was a pretty unreal experience for me. Thank you to everyone who came to see me perform! I'm only bummed that I didn't get to spend more time hanging with friends--especially the OCR crowd (I had to miss BOTH PANELS! UGH). I guess there's always next year! (or maglabs/classic or anything else)
  7. Hey guys, Another update--I'll also be performing with Austin Wintory on Friday, and for the GANG remix competition with DiscoCactus, and I'm doing a panel about making big collaborative arrangement albums Thursday at 8:30 pm! I'm a busy boy~
  8. Update to my last post--I'll be there, performing with Saori Kobayashi!
  9. Beyond Good and Evil might have some chant-like moments. But not in the gregorian sense?
  10. Thanks for posting this man! This is the culmination of many months of hard work--I hope you all enjoy
  11. last minute--i'll be there! uh, anyone have space in their room for a drumultima? lol
  12. Hmm... I guess it would be a toss-up between Undertale and Okami. Undertale because I just want to be able to marry a monster without being judged. OKAY?! Okami because it's beautiful and everything there is beautiful and I just want to be surrounded by beautiful things
  13. Thanks!! My badass collaborators are the following: Soprano Sax - Joe "XPRTNovice" Zieja Alto Sax - Sean "sschafi1" Schafianski Tenor and Bari Sax - Carlos "Insaneintherainmusic" Eiene EWI - Laura "Flute Link" Intravia Violin - Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza Piano - Ben "Dr. Threx" Wallace Bass - Sam "Slambob" Bobinski
  14. Hey guys! Just uploaded a music video of my Mystic Cave Zone arrangement. I actually posted wips of this here like, 7 years ago lol. Got a ton of badasses to play on it--hope you enjoy!
  15. As the ISW tech support guy, I had nothing to do with the development of SAC other than general cheerleading. That being said, I can't wait to answer YOUR emails when you can't figure out how to extract a RAR file! (Also this library is going to be awesome and I can't wait to start playing with it)
  16. DrumUltimA


    I can't stop jamming out to this:
  17. so it's been a while, but I still haven't stopped thinking about this game and it's soundtrack. Which is why I should add that Undyne's theme is at the very end of ASGORE. I just noticed this recently. GAHHHH
  18. I will admit that while I haven't cared about Final Fantasy in like, almost a decade, this event did a good job of getting me excited.
  19. <333 also yikes I think I might be lending journey some of my gear?? But i gotta be at the ocr panel. Hmmmmmmmm
  20. Most recorded vocal music you hear nowadays does involve some level of pitch correction, unless you're listening to recordings of live performances or other genres (like opera and other classical mediums). I like autotune as an effect sometimes, and wanted to use it in this track both because I liked the way it sounds in this context and because I wanted to have a slightly different "voice" to go with certain sections of the lyrics. For me, it was a stylistic choice, but if it makes me a garbage musician that's cool too
  21. DrumUltimA


    That's called a melodica! It's like a harmonica, but you play it like a piano.
  22. Yay! We just got announced! http://magfest.org/musicians
  23. DrumUltimA


    Oooh! I should post my new remix here too! This is "Another Medium"
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