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A Couple Mega Man Zero Requests

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I know that there are a number of tunes from the Zero series that'd make for some sweet remixes, but there are two in particular I'd like to hear.

The first is Old Life Space, which plays in the Old Residential Area of Zero 3 (Deathtanz Mantisk's stage).

The second would be the Sand Triangle tune which plays in the Forest of Dysis (Hyleg Ourobuckle's stage) in Zero 2.

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The remastered versions really fill the tracks out nicely, so those may make a good basis for remixing.

Yeah, the remastered tunes that I've heard are pretty cool, but unfortunately, I don't have those soundtracks (just what I've heard off of Youtube).

I've seen a number of Zero tunes covered in midi form (although not really remixes), esp. at VGMusic, but midi can only sound so good on MSGS. They do have Cold Smile and a couple of Powdery Snow though.

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