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  1. I didn't see this on any search (unless I accidentally missed a thread), so I'm putting up a new request. There's some PHIV up here already, but what I'm really looking for is a ReMix of "Laughter" (the battle with Lashiec/Zio). It'd be past awesome if somebody could pull it off, not that it's overly complex or anything but it is pretty hardcore. Yarghtube link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFgpWnamW_M PS I'd recommend finding an VGZ file or something to listen to from rather than this if you can. The sound quality of the YT uploads is pretty crappy, even on this one.
  2. Never mind the fact that some of the games got seriously butchered, of course. ... Bah. Who am I kidding? Yeah, I got a copy of the Mega Man AC for PS2 (not GC). Despite all the glitchy crap and missing stuff, it's still a keeper, though why anyone would want GC versions of the original or X collections at all is beyond me... (infernal GC controller).
  3. M'kay. The last request I checked reminded me of two beauties that have so much potential but get so little coverage, namely the Skull Fortress and Skull Station tunes from Mega Man for the Game Boy (aka Dr. Wily's Revenge). Personally, I think their potential for a medley remix (or something close to it) are simply staggering. Hopefully there's someone out there who thinks the same. Thanks for looking. Videos are below. NOTE: The tunes I'm talking about are the first stage musics in each video. Unfortunately, the 2nd vid kinda cuts off the beginning of the Skull Station tune, but if you listen a bit longer, you'll be able hear it all. (Never mind that this guy can't play the game worth squat either...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTotjvIdjoM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipByLbZUTFo
  4. True. There was some very interesting and unique tunes from that game that go largely unnoticed, of which Crash Man (mispelled in-game as Clash Man) probably is the best. I think the reason it goes unnoticed is due to the horrendous way the chipset sounds in that particular game, which is odd because it sounds just fine in Dr. Wily's Revenge. (/me shrugs) Either way, this is definitely a tune worth doing.
  5. Awesome! I am simply dumfounded how good you are at this. Simply amazing dood. Now if only you could do Gyges, Will You Please Help Me and A Field For Mag. You've done such astounding work with just the previous three tunes that I can't even imagine how awesome those would sound. As for Return Me To Savara, it just goes to show why I love the tune so much. Thanks a million.
  6. S'alright, I probably should've explained it better. No they aren't rips. They're actually midis from VGMusic. Thing is that I recorded them as I played 'em back through more capable hardware/software than your standard MicroSoft drivers, so that's why it sounds so much better. FYI, the XG softsynth is an old standard for midi playback that's made by Yamaha. Unfortunately, Yamaha doesn't much support the software itself any more nor does the old software work with Vista either. There's some stuff you could use for playback, but the setup process is a bit convoluted. Alternatively, the only stand-alone player that can do it is MidRadio Player, but it's Japanese-only.
  7. X


    Eh? Whatever happened with the OCR-tan (MMX) flash game? Development hell?
  8. Holy smack! *saves* Dood! So totally sweet! Hot! Hot! Hot! *starts headbanging* Epic can't even describe how awesome this is! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! :-D :-D It's terrible that OCR couldn't accept these. There's a lot of great stuff in the archive, but still many can't touch the level of greatness this achieves. It's simply astounding. [edit]Holy toledo! Return Me to Savara?!!! No way!! That's my favorite tune from the game! Please send me a link! (PM'd you if you didn't get this.)
  9. Add to that the Save Post tune, the Ending, and the Credits. FYI, the Credits tune is still my favorite and perhaps the best out of all the Metroid games. Awesomeness! \^o^/
  10. You do realize that's just a 4 channel GB version of the Sigma Stages 1 & 2 theme from Mega Man X2, right? I could make a sound recording if one of 'em sounds decent in XG. They'll end rather abruptly (as do most midis), but at least it's better than the alternative. [edit]Actually, only two of 'em really sound good in XG, so I'll do them both and post the links when I'm done. [edit]Sorry. Trying to do too many things at once. Two are just straight recordings, though my computer is cutting off one for whatever reason... =/ I cut down one and did a fadeout, though it's probably not very good. Fortunately, one has enough loops that you could probably open it up in an editor and do a fadeout yourself. Sorry I'm not very good at editing. Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?jmm3h9tyqmn
  11. I had to vote for the last option only because my option wasn't on the list, and that's that ... *yawns* ... blogs are boring. ~_~ And I do say this despite the fact that I've posted to freeby blogs (albeit extremely occasionally), but the point is this... people are eventually gonna just use this feature to post off-topic blurbs or try to post "unmoderatable" rants. If the staff really want to deal with 'at, then that's all well and good so long as it's just optional, but is it really even necessary? We already have places on the boards for that kind of stuff, so what's the point? And for WIP/game interests, hasn't anybody ever heard of the "search" function? Or how about just making a new relevant thread? It just seems like much ado about nothing.... *eyeroll* I suppose if it's just a free or pay-for option for those that really want to go for it, then whatever... let people blow their money on it for what it's worth. Other than that, you can count me out of it.
  12. Some instruments I haven't played in years, but I am proficient in many keyboard and woodwind instruments. That's about it.
  13. X


    You know I've never really liked Evangelion all that much. I always thought the context and story were rather pathetic in all honesty. In truth, I appreciated Martian Successor Nadesico in areas where I did not enjoy Evangelion - good story and cool characters. The only thing I ever appreciated about Evangelion were the action scenes. The ending, on the other hand, was just plain stupid. Also, is it just me or does anybody else get sick of all the whiny characters in Evangelion? At least in Nadesico the only whiny character was Akito, though he eventually works his way out of it for the most part.
  14. More frequently (at least until done): Gradius Collection (PSP) - Recent addition. Played the old games a bunch, so this is a blast as always. Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (GB) - Finally grabbed a copy of this game recently. Moderately fun. And more infrequently: Fatal Fury Battle Archives, Vol. 2 (PS2) - The Real Bout games. Good old stuff to play now and then. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GC) - Still trying to get A-Ranks on everything, but I just get so dang lazy. Stupid, boring game... Mega Man: Powered Up (PSP) - I can't believe that after a 1-1/4 years, I'm still bothering to try and clear all the crap in this game from time to time.
  15. Heh, heh. Totally forgot that one. Shotglass from WCI had some pretty good lines too. I always felt the "pantload" one was better (I mentioned that one earlier, didn't I... I hope....). I did just remember another few though: "How's that? I'm the Satan of Martial Arts." - Joe Higashi (KOF '98 ) A few from Full Throtte: "Warning! Do not play in or around dumpster. Do not kick dumpster. Do not sleep in dumpster. Usage of this container for the disposal of human remains, may be in violation of local health ordinances." - sign by the dumpster in Full Throttle (looking through the landfill operator's basement window) "Either someone's doing some welding down there, or we're talking about some very sub-code wiring." - Ben (Ben) "I heard you saved my life." (Miranda) "Yeah, but don't worry. I wasn't trying to. I was just looking for some nice roadside disasters photos, and you helped." (Ben) "Who'd want a picture of me bleeding?" (Miranda) "It's not the blood, it's the way you were all twisted up like a pretzel." - a quick conversion between Ben and Miranda in Melodweed (yes, Melonweed) And ever better: (Sam) "My little buddy here needs to use the facilities." (Max) "Facilities be damned! I need a bathroom!" - Sam and Max (Sam & Max: Hit the Road) PS Might think of some more later.
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