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Translation Request: Super Mario Bros. Special [Catalog #MECG-28003]


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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with something. I have searched extensively for transliterated and translated lyrics to all of the songs for Super Mario Bros. Special; this is is a vocal album consisting of both songs and drama tracks. More information on it is at http://www.vgmdb.net/db/albums.php?id=535 .

Can anyone give me a link to where I can find transliterated Roomaji (Japanese written in the Roman Alphabet) and/or English or any other language translations for the tracks on this album? Or if there is anyone out there who wants to translate them for me that would be great-- and you would be translating them for anyone else out there who is searching for them, as long as I could have your permission to submit them to various VGM lyric sites (with full credit given to whoever translates them, of course.) If you can help me out reply to this post or PM me or email me-- markterry@[NOSPAMMYSPAM]crosskoru.com

Thank you very much everybody.

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