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Final Fantasy 9: Alex in the Dark

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Ok so this is new tune i have been working on for a while, its still a bit of a WIP but i think the base is there. I have had some fun on this with my 1210's too so i have released 2 versions, 1 with sr=cratching & one without since i know not everyone is a scratch head like me :)

This is a breaky Drum & Bass remix.....yes i know ive alreayd done this song in drum & bass once (well actually this is #3, number 2 never got released ;) but this is totally new, you will find no remnance of my OC Remix "Alexandrian Nightmare" this is 100% new & original. I just love this tune so i cant stop remixing it :)

I had a bit of phun on this one with a faux mix of the tune into another version of the same tune >:)

Let me know what you think of it thus far:

Final Fantasy 9: Alex in the Dark

Scratch Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/113314715/Final_Fantasy_9_-_Alex_in_the_Dark__Scratched_Version_.mp3.html

Non-Scratch Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/113315274/Final_Fantasy_9_-_Alex_in_the_Dark__UnScratched_Version_.mp3.html

P.S This has a VERY low frequency bassline, i do not recommended pumping your bass too high, and i highly recommended listening to it with subs connected....headphones wont even produce some of the basslines.

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