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  1. Hello OCR Crew, long time no see Firstly id like to let you all know that aside from the 4 remixes i have listed on OCR there are about 76 more that never got submitted to or listed on OCR. I have now uploaded most of these to my new YouTube channel, there will be a few more coming soon once i create the artwork videos. I decided to upload these as i recently had a hard-drive failure and lost a great deal of data, i did manage to recover almost all my remixes bar a couple but in case this happens again ive started putting them up online as a backup I did however lose the sources to ALL of my remixes and almost all of my samples (seriously crying ) Unfortunately i have lost one of my old remixes permanently and i am hoping that someone may have a copy of it floating around somewhere. The song im trying to locate is Secret of Mana & 007 Goldeneye - The Likeness Of Death.mp3 If anyone has a copy of this please let me know/email it to me as it was one of my old favorites and i kinda want it back. Im just gutted that a few others never left my PC so they are gone forever, this one however was listed in a few places as well as uploaded to my website back when i had it so im hoping someone has it somewhere. Also please feel free to post feedback/comments etc on any of my tunes here or on youtube, and yes some of these are probably quite dated now i havent done a remix in a few years or so Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLiquidRemix DJ Liquid Neon aka Neonic Rayne aka DJ Pheonix aka Epoch One day i will settle on an alias permanently
  2. Thanks for all the feedback, i am working on mixing up the beats at the end atm as i agree it does sound a little too "looped" for my taste. As for the bassline - Tell me about it -.- its so hard to get punchy bass out of fruityloops, usually it either ends up flat or distorted, i never seem to be able to find a good inbetween
  3. Lol yeah i know sorry for the flood, i been out of the scene for almost 2 yeas so i got a lot of stuff im sat on XD Thanks for the comments, i know what ya mean about taking such a mellow tune & turning it into a drum & bass hectic madhouse but thats kinda my point And yeah im notorious for using small amounts of the original theme :\ its kinda hard to get the full amount of ambiance in my style of mixing without losing the "crazyness", but i will give it a try & see how it goes Appreciate the response
  4. Ok last one for today, this one is a remix of the theme from the Water Palace in Secret of Mana (Forgive me i dont know the original name) This is one of my heaviest FX mixes to date, using more philtering than i have ever used in a track before. In fact its a pain in the ass to play since it lags my PC to pieces This remix is once again Drum & Bass made with Fruityloops lashed with a ton of Love Philter effects, the beat in this track is about 30 different drum & bass beats layered together with extensive filtering. I personally love it but im a nutcase for beats as you may or may not know. This has the base of the tune but has also had a great deal of orignal tune content added so pls dont flame it doesnt use the "Whole" song. Let me know what you think: Secret Of Mana: Untitled Project http://rapidshare.com/files/113317238/Secret_of_Mana_-_Untitled_Project.mp3.html
  5. Ok another WIP from me, one of which i cannot come up with a name for so any help would be appreciated. This is a remix of track from Final Fantasy X but in truth its been so long i actually cannot remember the name of the original >.< once again any help would be appreciated. It is however a well known tune and the remix doesnt bend the tne too much so it should be easily identifiable to someone who is knowledgeable on the FFX themes. I remixed this song a long time ago (Final Fantasy X - Into the Morning) but i ended up hating the lyrical element to the song so i decided to scrap it & start over. This once again is a breaky Drum & Bass remix, this time i left out the scratching though, although i do love a good bit o' scratching This is still a WIP so a few bits are missing, i think it still needs a few SFX and backing but the base i think is good. Id love to hear your opinions: Final Fantasy X: Untitled Project http://rapidshare.com/files/113316142/Final_Fantasy_X_-_Untitled_Project.mp3.html
  6. Ok so this is new tune i have been working on for a while, its still a bit of a WIP but i think the base is there. I have had some fun on this with my 1210's too so i have released 2 versions, 1 with sr=cratching & one without since i know not everyone is a scratch head like me This is a breaky Drum & Bass remix.....yes i know ive alreayd done this song in drum & bass once (well actually this is #3, number 2 never got released but this is totally new, you will find no remnance of my OC Remix "Alexandrian Nightmare" this is 100% new & original. I just love this tune so i cant stop remixing it I had a bit of phun on this one with a faux mix of the tune into another version of the same tune > Let me know what you think of it thus far: Final Fantasy 9: Alex in the Dark Scratch Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/113314715/Final_Fantasy_9_-_Alex_in_the_Dark__Scratched_Version_.mp3.html Non-Scratch Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/113315274/Final_Fantasy_9_-_Alex_in_the_Dark__UnScratched_Version_.mp3.html P.S This has a VERY low frequency bassline, i do not recommended pumping your bass too high, and i highly recommended listening to it with subs connected....headphones wont even produce some of the basslines.
  7. This is the newest version of my Perfect Dark Chicago drum & bass remix. Alot of new samples added and a great deal of the old ones replaced. I think this sounds alot better than the original mix i did a while back but i shall let you all be the judge of that. I have also balanced this one a bit to reduce the clipping present in the first version, i always seem to find that difficult :\ its hard to get Drum & bass style basslines from fruityloops without distorting the track Hopefully this one sounds better compared to the original: Perfect Dark: Chicagian (drum & bass remix) http://rapidshare.com/files/113313541/Perfect_Dark_-_Chicagian.mp3.html
  8. Ok so ive decided to come out of the shadows & start releasing my works from over the last year or so. Financial crap has forced me to shut down my site and is forcing me to use *gulp* rapid share for now (sorry). Anyway on to tha toonz. Anyone who remembers me knows i am a total Drum & Bass head so expect some serious beats from me. I have a few new toonz and some older stuff i have remade/changed. I will be posting new tracks every other day so keep an eye out if ya like my work. So first up is a re-relase of my old remix of timesplitters 2, western & siberia themes. This has been remastered & balanced a bit better than the original release from a few years back. I have also added some new content into it. So here it is, Timesplitters 2: Take 2 (and call me in the morning) http://rapidshare.com/files/113103643/_Timesplitters_2__-_Take_2.mp3.html
  9. Im amazed a mix this old is still getting posts! Im really glad some of you like this song, i personally hate it (its true!) Even i think i strayed too far from the original on this one, but i was bored and so this was born Oh yes and your right i was known as epoch for a while, you may also remember me as: Bad Execute, Pheonix, Epoch, ViperX, V2i or Liquid Neon I have multiple personality nickname disorder
  10. Just so you know, You wont find any more stuff from DJ Pheonix because im mixing under Liquid Neon now. You can find this and my other 70 or so mixes on my website, check my sig
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