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R: MegaMan Zx and Advent: Area-A and couple others...

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So, I'm requesting these following songs...


Area A


Area O


Area X


Battle theme



Floating ruins


Tower of Verditute...didn't find a midi...'

Yeah, I'd be happy with just Area A remix, but these games really need remixes here.

Thanks in advange if anyone is going to do these, cheers.

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Well, hate to break it to you, but you linked directly to vgmusic's .mid files. Guess what that means...

403 error GET!

Also, as MIDIs are interpretations of the themes as well, wouldn't it be a better idea to provide direct mp3s of the source material in question?

Edit: I'll do just that. Sorry for RapidSharing these, but I couldn't find them anywhere else. They're the genuine original tracks though.

Mega Man ZX

Area A - Forest (Main Theme of Mega Man ZX)

Area O - Highway 2

Area X - Theme of Guardian

Versus Boss

Mega Man ZX: Advent

Floating Ruins - Aeolus

Tower of Verdure - Rosepark the Floweroid

While I'm at it, I may as well request one of my own...

Highway - Thetis

Hope this helps!

[links removed; don't post links to arrangement album MP3s]

[sorry about that. Hopefully these new ones are within acceptable forum rules.]

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