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  1. Say, pardon my ignorance, but do you recall the voices that did the little internal power-up dialogue in Godspeed? What exactly did you use to create that, if you don't mind my asking?

  2. I'd like to second this request. Crystal Snail had one of the coolest stage themes in the entire X series, in my opinion. Or at least the first three games of the X series.
  3. Having tried it out myself with a MIDI file and about 10 minutes in Fruity Loops, I think this song would sound downright badass in a rock sort of genre. Rock being a purely non-technical classification of the genre, because to be honest, it's midnight and I'm having a hard time specifically classifying it. Basically, something with overdriven guitars. Bonus points if you incorporate electronica. Folks like Housethegrate, Protricity, and Sixto Sounds have styles akin to what I'm thinking of. I could see (or hear, rather) it implemented in any of those three, and it would sound awesome. But that's just my take on it. If you think a different style in the same neighborhood (or same general area, really) would be better, then by all means. Kind of a low-priority, "I'm-not-really-counting-on-this" suggestion here, but I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone's interested. Not like it hasn't probably been suggested a million times before. I'm not sure a source tune is really required here; the theme is pretty well known. But if anyone wants it, let me know and I'll track down a link.
  4. Haha, Kirkhope himself said that? Well, he's absolutely right. This IS bloody marvelous. In fact, it's going on my Zen X-Fi RIGHT NOW, and is getting blasted through my car stereo, headphones, or other form of audio delivery for the rest of the week.
  5. I don't think I need to say much on this one. Anyone who's finished Super Mario RPG knows just how awesome Smithy is, to say nothing of his boss music. I don't have any particular preference as to genre or style; anything will do so long as this awesome song gets some love on OCR. Source track can be found here. Apologies for the RapidShare link. Also bear in mind that it's an .spc, so you'll need the appropriate SNES music emulators to play it. Back to the mix request though... Any takers?
  6. ...I want to write an intelligent comment on the musical-theory aspects of this song, but the sheer levels of epic win have paralyzed my ability to analyze musical awesomeness and comment on it, so you're all just going to have to settle with another "omfg thiz song r0xx0rd my b0xx0rz!11" This is an absolutely wonderful remix that really brings a new light to what I previously thought was an overused source track that could never go anywhere else (How absolutely dead-wrong I was!). Fantastic job, and easily an instant favorite.
  7. This mix just happened to pop up for the first time while I was driving home with my MP3 player on shuffle mode. While it may not be the best mix ever, it certainly wins points for how addictive it is. I'll definitely end up leaving it on repeat for the next hour or so. Okay, so it's lacking in a few places, but that certainly doesn't make it a bad mix in my book. I'd give it an 8.9/10, personally. Nice job, chthonic.
  8. This has probably been answered a good five billion times already, but are there any *specific* rules and regulations on signatures, such as acceptable dimensions, acceptable content, etc.? Feel free to PM them to me - I don't need to derail this topic any more than necessary; only enough to phrase my question. Just wondering, as I was planning on tossing another similarly-sized animation into my signature, and didn't know if I should erase my current picture, or if I could get away with placing the animation next to or below the current picture. Thanks in advance.
  9. There are a few rare occasions where I break my habit of updating only when a torrent of latest remixes is released. This is one such occasion. Perhaps I'm simply a sucker for the lower Brinstar theme, but dang, you pulled it off incredibly well in this piece. This one's going on repeat for the rest of the night, and probably as far as the next week. XD Great job. Looking forward to any future remixes you might have planned!
  10. Rather large dredge, but I didn't see anything against those in the policies. Hopefully, there's no rule against them at all. XD;; ANYWAY, on to business. I think the Final Destination 2 (The song with the main theme in it, in other words) track could seriously use a rock overhaul. The guitar break in it sounded incredibly wimpy, almost to a point where it sounded shriveled and whiny. Get someone like SnappleMan or BrainCells to truly tear that solo UP! There's my two cents, and my bump for this topic, because a remix of something from Super Smash Brothers would be unconventional, to say the very least.
  11. I have no idea what in the world possessed me to think this, but I'm of the mindset that an epic electronic-orchestral-rock piece would sound phenomenal in the right hands. Other variations in genre could be straight up rock, similar to the way Rare made a rock piece out of Meteo from SF64 for Star Fox Adventures, or perhaps orchestral-rock, similar to the Ace Combat soundtracks... Source track can be found here. (Hope that works... It let me click the link from a preview, so I'm guessing I CAN hotlink it. If not, try here.)
  12. Perhaps we could also add an announcement that hotlinking to VGMusic's .mid files results in a 403 error, because they really DON'T want people externally linking to their files...? Just a thought, as I've seen it happen more than once.
  13. Oh yes, most definitely. Bump for great justice. Brenner's theme needs some love, guys. You can has link, too! http://rapidshare.com/files/127688605/02_-_Hope_Never_Dies_-_Brenner.mp3.html Sorry it's a Rapidshare link, but I couldn't find a single file of it available for download...
  14. Well, hate to break it to you, but you linked directly to vgmusic's .mid files. Guess what that means... 403 error GET! Also, as MIDIs are interpretations of the themes as well, wouldn't it be a better idea to provide direct mp3s of the source material in question? Edit: I'll do just that. Sorry for RapidSharing these, but I couldn't find them anywhere else. They're the genuine original tracks though. Mega Man ZX Area A - Forest (Main Theme of Mega Man ZX) Area O - Highway 2 Area X - Theme of Guardian Versus Boss Mega Man ZX: Advent Floating Ruins - Aeolus Tower of Verdure - Rosepark the Floweroid While I'm at it, I may as well request one of my own... Highway - Thetis Hope this helps! [links removed; don't post links to arrangement album MP3s] [sorry about that. Hopefully these new ones are within acceptable forum rules.]
  15. If you're referring to "Get Through the Dark" by Alph Lyla with Toshiaki Ohtsubo, it can be found If you're looking for the whole soundtrack for any reason... It can be found [links removed; don't post links to Arrangement album MP3s]
  16. Hot DIGGITY DAMN, Beatdrop. This is by far your best work yet. So I heard you're also releasing albums with your original work on them? I'll be sure to check those out. Now, one thing kinda bothers me... The ending of the song just kind of shows up suddenly, and the song stops. One minute, I'm enjoying the awesome beats, and the next, it's gone... A moot point, really, and honestly, I can't think of another way to end the song that would match up with the same levels of win contained in the main section. But to end my review on a positive note, I've got to say: It's absolutely impressive to see how your skills have evolved so much. X-Buster MK17 was excellent, but it lacked the level of complex, ornate syncopation that this mix possesses. A truly enjoyable remix, and an instant favorite. Now to throw this on my MP3 player, hook it up to my car, and go blasting it down the highway... Kekeke.
  17. Curiously enough, I'm not 100% fond of lyrics in my remixes either, depending on the original source. But that's mostly because I'm a nit-picky bastard who changes his preferences in music like normal people change their socks. XD All in all, I've got to say that although the lyrics felt a little superfluous to me, I will certainly concede that you did a positively kickass job with the lyrics, regardless of how I feel about them as a part of the song. Your girlfriend also provided the voice of the shuttle announcer very convincingly, so additional props are in order there. Overall, this was an unexpected, but pleasantly so, direction for an F-Zero mix, and adding the fact that it was a medley makes it even better.
  18. I'm sure most of us have heard this awesome track. It was originally a mechanical synthy track that played as you infiltrated (And blew up) Meta Knight's warship, the Halberd. It got some epic saxophone love in the Brawl remix, but something about that didn't feel like it was enough. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any plans to remix the track in a rock/synth style? Though really, any style will do. I just feel that the Halberd's theme needs a little more love. Speaking of themes that need a little more love... King Dedede's theme could go so many places... Perhaps I'll throw that idea out there while I'm at it.
  19. Okay... So, I'm liking this. It's got a nice hard rock feel to it in the first segment. Once the main theme begins at 00:41, the arpeggio-like portion is a little drowned out by the guitar, and the choral samples could use a little length. They sound just a little short. At 1:15, it sounds great, and I have very few complaints there. Oddly, the choral clips at 1:45-ish don't need any additional length. Those are the only problems that I'm seeing. Very nice industrial/rock sound to it, and here's hoping this one makes the cut.
  20. Would that be the uTorrent at IP 76.99.yadda yadda, or IP 70.181.yadda yadda? I'm one of the ones running Azureus, and I've got an ETA of about TWENTY ONE HOURS. >_< What kind of internet connection are you running, Erik? I've got the whole 6mbps cable modem dealie going on. Certainly is slow the first few days of a new tracker's release, huh? Oh. I just remembered. I might be able to set up a machine dedicated entirely to seeding. It might take a few weeks or so though... I'm not entirely sure on it.
  21. Hello, hello, good people of OCR. I am CobaltDelta (Call me Cobalt, if you will.), and I seem to be the epitome of average-joe users. I have no remixing talent whatsoever, but that might change in the future, if I can ever get off my lazy rear-end and study some advanced composition techniques. I assume I'd be good at remixing - nine times out of ten, I can play a melody by ear, provided it isn't too obscure (For example, I could play the opening theme from Mega Man 3, but playing Hideki Naganuma's "Bomber Barbara" from Sonic Rush might be a little more difficult for me.) I have moderate skill with computers, but desperately need to brush up on my software knowledge (Seeing as how I have next to none.) and some of the more technical hardware skills. I also play video games to an absurdly unhealthy extent, which might just be why I'm here. Recent favorites of mine include: Sonic Rush, Jet Set Radio Future, Ace Combat 5, Ace Combat Zero, Mega Man (All of 'em. I'm a Mega Man fanatic.), Star Fox (Most of the games I enjoyed, with the exception of Assault and Command, which I could complain about for hours.) I'm a bit of an audiophile, and the majority of the music you'll find on my 60GB Zen Vision M would be OC Remix along with a few various other video game soundtracks. I just don't care for much mainstream music. (Hah, that's hilarious. "Music." *Chuckle*) Also, I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi. Not to the point where I'll chew people out for poor grammar, but I'll usually tend to spell things correctly, and will at least try to keep proper grammar maintained throughout my posts. I look forward to my stay here at OCR. Nice meeting you all.
  22. That sounds quite bad. The above users are correct- Spybot S&D is a good way to go. Make sure System Restore is off (You can do so under the "Properties" menu of "My Computer") and that you're running in Safe Mode (Usually, jam the F8 key at startup until a menu comes up.) More than likely, this won't be an easy task to correct. I've had my bouts with persistent spyware as well. It took me booting a miniturized Windows XP OS (A program my uncle provided me with - called Bart PE, and built with PE Builder) off of a CD to kill it off. If worse comes to worse, you can always google the name of the virus. I believe there are several antivirus manufacturing companies that keep libraries of different virii and their effects. If it turns out to be too deep an infection, reformatting really is the only way to go, but it's a last resort move. I'll keep an eye on this thread, and if you need any more help, I'll try and do what I can. Good luck, you'll need it.
  23. More than likely? Nope. If it's meant for iPod, and has playback controls like that, it would probably only work with your iPod. Furthermore, just having the mp3s on your hard drive wouldn't cut it - there'd be nothing to decompress the audio or convert it into an audio signal. Maybe if you spent a heck of a lot of time and effort to make a firmware for the drive that's similar to the iPod's, sans a display, you could make it work, but just pulling an external HDD out of the box, loading it up with songs, and connecting it to that adapter wouldn't work at all, and I'd bet money on that statement.
  24. The people above me are correct- Norton Ghost can copy entire hard drives and settings (If they're intact, of course.). However, if your copy of Windows got corrupted, you'll probably need to take the long route described above. There's no way you can copy (most) installed programs between drives. Doing so would require isolating the registry values that are linked to the installed programs, most of which exist in hexadecimal format, and are pretty much impossible to find. If you DID know where those keys were, (and you'd want to be DAMNED sure they were the right ones...) in theory, all you'd have to do is export those keys, transfer them, and import them into the new drive's registry. Now, if you have a program like, say, Winamp version 2.95, which only utilizes the registry for file type association, (So that any .mp3 files open in Winamp) those copy without any problem whatsoever. But if you're talking a game, like Counter Strike... Reinstall it. Uh, yeah. Stick with reinstalling things. Much less headache that way. Trust me, you don't want to dig through the CLSID key. >_>
  25. Actually, I just noticed that after going back to check on the torrents. You can expect me to seed that one for a good while. I'll try and convince my family to leave it running for at least 24 hours.
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