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Question on software & request

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I'm interested in learning about software for editing etc.. & found the Audasity Beta, but i'm not knowledgable about usage to do much more than basically lengthen tunes I like.

I also wanted to request that someone try remixing the music at this site (plays when you go there & loops)


It is for their upcomming game The Last Remnant

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I'm not too sure what you're asking for, but you'll probably need a more specific question than that if you want a response. Also, I think this would be better suited if you put it in the Remixing forum rather than the help forum. The remixing forum is more tuned to help with audio software if anything. You will probably find better help there than in a more general forum.

Make sure you say something like "I want to do ___________. How do I do it?" Don't say you only know how to lengthen a track because that leaves a lot to the imagination.

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