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  1. I suggest you shell out the 5 dollars or Puzzle Fighter.. unless you want to be like me and need to either get it for GBA (20 dollars) or PS1 (70 dollars)...
  2. I'm going to second Canon only because my friend owns one. It's pretty good, compact and delivers HD quality. I'm not too sure which model his is, but it's definitely in the Canon VIXIA line. It has on-board memory and expandable using SDHC which is relatively cheap. I can't think of many cons, but then again, I'm not the one using it personally. We usually film stupid shorts and sketches together using it.
  3. Full frame? I don't know of one yet, but the Canon 7D is pretty packed with video features. It has a crop factor of about 1.6x. (Obligatory D: that my thread is still alive.)
  4. I checked out if it was on OCRemoved, old ocremixes that have been taken off of the site for miscellaneous reasons. Have you searched youtube at all for the same remix? I know there are a bunch, but perhaps if you can track it down, at least how it sounds, then you'll be able to help others help you better. VGMix has changed a bunch so if it came from there originally and it isn't there now, I wouldn't be too surprised.
  5. Head over the Guides & Tutorials section of the forums. There is a thread already about this topic that has a bunch of recommendations. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=13937
  6. I use Tag&Rename. It's really good for doing tags in batches.
  7. So yeah. I just came back from Video Games Live in NYC. It was fun. I suppose all of the typical music was played. There was a bunch of expected gamer behavior. The concert itself had a selections from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Zelda, Mass Effect, Halo, Diablo, Warcraft, Castlevania, Megaman, Chrono Trigger and some dabblings of other titles of which I cannot recall right now. It feels like I'm missing one or two. The performers were extremely talented with a featured pianist ( ) and flutist (youtube video which I cannot find now). There was small Guitar Hero: Aerosmith interlude with the winner of the Guitar Hero competition before the concert. I can't say that I was completely impressed with him. (That could have been me!) Anyway, OCR got a tiny, hardly noticeable plug when giving him his prize. The challenge was to beat Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion on Hard/Expert with over 200k points, by the way. It was definitely something cool and interactive to bring to the show. The best selection to me was probably between Megaman or Warcraft. I think that if they had any Street Fighter music in there, that would probably be my personal favorite. But the Megaman and Warcraft bits picked the right songs and meshed them together in a good way. Chrono Trigger wasn't done as well as it could be, sadly. For the top requested game music, I think a better arrangement/mash up could been written. The concert was in the Beacon Theater. The acoustics were really good and the lighting was really awesome as well. It's decked out in gold gilt and griffins and all that sort of stuff. Apparently, a lot of the people in the audience were return members from the previous showing last year. If it really is an annual thing, we should maybe perhaps get an OCR thing together then?
  8. I already be going. Yeah, it's on the 25th which I believe is a Sunday.
  9. VGDJ laptop. Sporknight Pink SF characters duking it out, Liontamer vs. zircon...!
  10. In the studio: Brushfire, Sporknight, Harmony and bro. zircon... thinking... or passing gas. Chiyo!
  11. Obligatory shirt shot, Harmony pictured. Harmony and bro appreciating the band of rock. Pixietricks singing as GlaDdos in "Still Alive." Hands together for ceremonial russian roulette.
  12. zircon tending to the coals. Harmony and pixietricks being... harmonious. Laptops allow us to do indoor activities... outdoors. Xenon_Odyssey: Yo. Imma let you finish, but OverLooked Remix has the best collection of remixes of all time.
  13. A little change in plans... But I am in Philadelphia as of this moment... making a post at a little later than 4 in the morning. My friend will be driving me to your place so I guess I should be there around 11??
  14. Wait... are you telling me that if I catch the 11:49 train that it will actually arrive at 12:09 PM because it's always 20 minutes late? Or did you mean to say that the next train is at 11:49 AM so that the people taking this train will be late compared to the people taking the 11:19 AM train? It could have been a typo since the 11:49 train is 30 minutes after the 11:19... and I am confused. I believe that I will arrive in the 30th St. Station at 11:45 PM which is cutting it a bit close to catch the 11:49 train... so I'm kind of hoping it that one arrives at 12:09 PM...
  15. Dang. I wish I had a sweet billboard like he does. Check it out in the back! Now there's something to be proud of.
  16. The typical ports are 6666, 6667 and 7000. I would download mIRC rather than use the site's jIRC so you would be able to customize your settings easier. I know that my university blocks enterthegame, the server OCR is on. But I could connect to other servers. When selecting your server, choose edit and you should be able to tinker around with the port numbers. I think for to get on to enterthegame, 7000 works pretty nicely. The default settings might have the client stubbornly try to get through using only one port. Once you've accessed the server, then type /join #ocremix and you're done. You could probably pick a suitable name for yourself using the /nick command.
  17. Update: I wasn't too sure if I should edit my last post or make a new one. In any case, I think that I will be able to show up for the meetup. I might have to leave around 7-ish or so. I'll bring my camera and hopefully take some good pictures. If anything should happen, I think I have zircon's number still from the last Philly meetup so I'll let him know.
  18. I will try to make it as long as my arrangements work out for me. That is all. Katsurugi out. End communication.
  19. !? My thread is still alive. D:
  20. I know how you feel, JJT. I always thought I was going to be the one who'd be married to pixie. ;_;
  21. I have a bunch of mp3s on my phone ever since the upgrade and me shelling out for a mini SD card. I can choose from: Suikoden 2 - A Busting Town Suikoden 2 - Adventurous Journey Suikoden 2 - Cooking Choices Chrono Trigger - Fanfare Chrono Trigger - Gato's Theme Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme DDR - Cafe DDR - Shock (from 3rd Mix version 2 Korean) Metal Gear Solid - Codec Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Take You for a Ride Phoenix Wright - Steel Samurai Theme Phoenix Wright - Steel Samurai in-game ringtone Super Mario RPG - Rose Town Yoshi's Island - Athletic Yoshi's Island - Kamek's Theme Zelda LttP - Goddess Appears Zelda OoT - Lost Woods Zelda OoT - Song of Storms I'm definitely still on the market for small memorable sound clips for voicemail trigger. Bust-a-Move - Bub and Bob saying "uh-oh" (Game Over sound) Random Mario Paint stuff Chrono Trigger - Leene's Bell Zelda - getting hearts/piece of the heart/dungeon items
  22. Biride isn't a joke character at all. In SFA2, he has a 75% health custom combo. He's also pretty high up on the Japanese tier list if I recall (well, higher than you'd think he is.. probably at least upper mid.) If you're up against a good Birdie player, you'll probably have your back against the wall. But I use Dan all the time. I'm happy to see that you can do his kick special move in mid-air like all the other shotos have been able to for years now. He might have the fastest back dash in the bunch, or ideally should, in the form of running away. That's not too shabby though the forward dash is a bit more useful. Man... I really want my friend to buy this so I can play it... for free... D:
  23. I'm not too sure if you would like to immerse yourself in SF4 if you're just starting to get used to SF2 in general. I feel that SF4 is a logical progression through the SF series. If you skip from SF2 to SF4 there will be a bit surprised at the new things that are in there. But they should be familiar if you have any experience with SF3. So really, Capcom is kind of rewarding loyal fans that have been keeping up with SF in general. EX attacks are still in there as well as the 2 button throw and overhead. Can you play SF4 the same way you play SF2? Sure, but you'll realize that you won't be too effective as you were before. Most of the moves haven't changed technique-wise. You won't be able to throw just by getting up close to them and pressing a button. To me, that's a definitely something you probably would like to get used to. There are new nuances to the game that you might not like. Still, you'll get used to it after playing a while. The basic SF principles hold. They just might come out a bit differently than in previous games. But typically, SF2 was a huge quarter eater back in the day. Just about any other SF reincarnation has longer matches on average. So you really get a good chance to learn how to use a character and the game mechanics in longer sessions than 15 second intervals. What I really like about Capcom is that they don't really forget. They might make some tweaks here and there, but they're overall pretty consistent (not including plots). Things like funky kick and chicken wing are still in there. So they're definitely one of those companies that aren't afraid to pay homage to previous games or even parodize themselves which is really great. Oh yeah, I've played this game twice before in the arcade. I don't have any current gen systems. I play SF2 on my SNES. >
  24. M. Night Shyamalan And he doesn't specialize in acting... looks like you got the short end of the stick. Oh well.
  25. Sam'n'Max: Hit the Road The Dig Full Throttle Pretty much any of the old Lucasarts adventure games were pretty good. I think there's an Indiana Jones one as well... but I haven't played that one for myself. Sam'n'Max is probably my favorite because of the deranged humor and puzzles you have to solve.
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