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Goosemeister's List of Remix Ideas

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For those of you who don't know me (which is probably most of you), I don't actually remix myself, but that doesn't mean I don't have any ideas for potential mixes. Therefore, I created this thread, which I plan to maybe add onto and/or modify as I think of stuff in order to give the mixers on this site some ideas and get their creative juices flowing.

Specific Ideas:

Go Go Machina Rangers?

Game: Baten Kaitos Origins

Song: Iconoclasm

Description: So here's the basis of this idea. The first time I heard this track when playing Origins, I was immediately struck with its resemblance to the original Power Rangers theme. The idea is, what if someone were to remix this song in a Power Rangers-ish style? Sounds like an amusing concept to me, at least. Still, I don't know if I should count on getting any Baten Kaitos remixes given the obscurity of the games.

Air Shanty

Game: Skies of Arcadia

Song: Sailor Town and/or The Little Jack (Nasr, Ixa'taka, Valua)

Description: To be honest, I'm quite impressed to have two OC Remixes of Skies of Arcadia given how almost criminally unknown it is, but even so, its soundtrack really is pretty nice and we could use some real quality mixes for such a great game. Anyway, the idea behind this one is that, being pirate-themed, SoA is just asking to have something remixed into a sea shanty. Sailor's island is one of the more obvious choices, given how it has that sort of feel to begin with, but for something more interesting, maybe something a little different like the sailing theme on the Little Jack could be redone in that style (or a medley of different stuff, even).

...and possibly more ideas to be added as I come up with them

Games that should be remixed (more than they are):

Baten Kaitos series (GREAT soundtrack)

Fire Emblem series

Tales series (although we have a project coming to take care of that)

Golden Sun series

Kingdom Hearts series

Skies of Arcadia

Phoenix Wright series (plus Apollo Justice)

Megaman Battle Network/Star Force series (dodges tomatoes)

Megaman Zero series

Pikmin series

Pokemon series

Animal Crossing series

Kirby 64

...and once again, to be added to as I think of stuff

Anyway, feel free to comment on my ideas and/or add your own. I may very probably add to this list over time. Oh, and as for sources of the music for this stuff, I can't help you on all of it as of now (if someone could link me to a better site, I can edit this post and add it), but I'll link to one site I know of that has some of it:

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I agree, Megaman Battle Network 1, 2, and 3, theme songs should DEFINITELY be remixed.

I would have made a thread myself dedicated to that request but, you've already made a thread with a bunch.

Rest of post is for any remixers who see this and would take this request-->

Link to video with all songs:

I say only 1, 2, and 3 because the first three the song stayed generally the same but slightly remixed in itself by Capcom.

It would be so awesome if someone could remix them all into one amazing song.

I would love you forever and give you super creditz everywhere.

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