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  1. So, it was my understanding that this project would be released in the same general ballpark as Dawn of the New World (whose official release date was today). Am I then reasonable in hoping that this project will be released by the end of the month given that you are done (or so it appears)? There haven't been more unexpected delays, have there? It's a little hard to tell for sure given both your site and this thread seem less than booming with activity. Oh, and congrats on the presumably good work. I'm going to be the first (or am I?) to congratulate you since I'm assuming it's going to be great before I hear it (makes it easier for me). I'm pretty excited about DotNW, and the release of this project is a healthy and delicious dose of icing on that cake for me (and not the cheap kind that they give you in little cups at Burger King).
  2. I pretty much don't follow tarot cards and that sort of thing at all, but judging by your description, I think that Lord Galcian from Skies of Arcadia might fit, although there may be better that people come up with. Still, Skies of Arcadia is more of an RPG than an Action/Adventure game, so maybe it's not what you're looking for. Still, in case it interests you, I'll link you to Skies of Arcadia's Wikipedia article
  3. For those of you who don't know me (which is probably most of you), I don't actually remix myself, but that doesn't mean I don't have any ideas for potential mixes. Therefore, I created this thread, which I plan to maybe add onto and/or modify as I think of stuff in order to give the mixers on this site some ideas and get their creative juices flowing. Specific Ideas: Go Go Machina Rangers? Game: Baten Kaitos Origins Song: Iconoclasm Description: So here's the basis of this idea. The first time I heard this track when playing Origins, I was immediately struck with its resemblance to the original Power Rangers theme. The idea is, what if someone were to remix this song in a Power Rangers-ish style? Sounds like an amusing concept to me, at least. Still, I don't know if I should count on getting any Baten Kaitos remixes given the obscurity of the games. Air Shanty Game: Skies of Arcadia Song: Sailor Town and/or The Little Jack (Nasr, Ixa'taka, Valua) Description: To be honest, I'm quite impressed to have two OC Remixes of Skies of Arcadia given how almost criminally unknown it is, but even so, its soundtrack really is pretty nice and we could use some real quality mixes for such a great game. Anyway, the idea behind this one is that, being pirate-themed, SoA is just asking to have something remixed into a sea shanty. Sailor's island is one of the more obvious choices, given how it has that sort of feel to begin with, but for something more interesting, maybe something a little different like the sailing theme on the Little Jack could be redone in that style (or a medley of different stuff, even). ...and possibly more ideas to be added as I come up with them Games that should be remixed (more than they are): Baten Kaitos series (GREAT soundtrack) Fire Emblem series Tales series (although we have a project coming to take care of that) Golden Sun series Kingdom Hearts series Skies of Arcadia Phoenix Wright series (plus Apollo Justice) Megaman Battle Network/Star Force series (dodges tomatoes) Megaman Zero series Pikmin series Pokemon series Animal Crossing series Kirby 64 ...and once again, to be added to as I think of stuff Anyway, feel free to comment on my ideas and/or add your own. I may very probably add to this list over time. Oh, and as for sources of the music for this stuff, I can't help you on all of it as of now (if someone could link me to a better site, I can edit this post and add it), but I'll link to one site I know of that has some of it:
  4. At the very least, I'd certainly say there's plenty of potential for the soundtracks of this series. As a matter of fact, Phoenix Wright (and Apollo Justice) is probably one of the best examples of a game's atmosphere being enhanced by its music in my opinion. I certainly hope that remixers start showing it a little more love. As for the whole medley thing, I think you may have a point, although I'm not exactly the most qualified person to make that judgement.
  5. I can't say I'm too wowed by E3 this year, although at the very least, it's nice to know they're making another Pikmin. I always liked Pikmin, especially when they removed the annoying time constraints for Pikmin 2. That and the new Animal Crossing sounds pretty cool. I just hope it can maintain my interest for a semi-decent amount of time. As much as I liked Kirby Super Star, I can't say if I'm interested in the new one if it'll feel like I've already played it. (sarcasm) Oh yeah, and that Wii Music thing. Now I'll finally have the musical talent to hit the remixing scene! (/sarcasm) Oh well...even if I didn't hear news of anything too exciting at E3 (For instance, an oh-so-unlikely Skies of Arcadia sequel, if they could do it justice, would make me pass out from excitement, although that'd be Sega, not Nintendo), it looks like there's some semi-interesting stuff coming down the line and at least I've got ToS: Dawn of the New World coming up before the end of the year.
  6. I have to admit I'm impressed/surprised Capcom is actually making Mega Man 9, but it was really surprising to find out that they were rolling back the graphics and pretty much everything to a retro style and releasing on Wii Ware. I don't know whether to like or dislike the whole retro thing. Part of the appeal of retro stuff is the nostalgia factor, but if it's a new game with an old style, I wonder if it'll really be worthwhile. All I know is that, no offense to Mega Man 2, which I have played and liked, having no charge shot or slide will take a little getting used to. Personally, what I've found about Mega Man games is that every new series has a tendency to get sort of old after a few games since they end up being too samey and outliving their novelty (although sometimes it takes until the second game to get a formula down). Granted, I'm a big Mega Man fan, but that is what I've noticed. I got Anniversary Collection and from playing that, I have to say that, although I liked Mega Man 7 (maybe because that's the only original series I played when I was younger and it has that nostalgia factor), they sort of started going a little downhill after Mega Man 3 (can't say what it was, but I just didn't like them as much despite the addition of charge shots, rush utilities, and such). I have really good memories of the first three X games, too. Heck, I grew up on the first Mega Man X, and I really liked X2 and X3, too. I did like X4 since it had the same classic feel to it, but it hasn't been the same since things got all different in X5. Although I never got to play Legends 2, I liked the original (or rather, the N64 version of it), and that series hasn't yet gotten old to me. Although I had a good time with Battle Network 2 and 3, they went downhill since 3 in my opinion (and 1 still needed some refinement). I found the first three Zero games good (I preferred the more X-ish feel of 2 and 3 to the first one's mind-numbing difficulty, but it was good, too, despite that), but number four failed to wow me. As for ZX, I did really like the first one, and the second is even better now that they've worked out some of the kinks. Star Force was pretty good, too. It reminded me of the Battle Network games in their prime. It was similar to them, but different enough to make it not feel old and boring to me, but too many more and I'm sure it will feel that way in time, maybe even faster given its similarity to Battle Network. Still, Mega Man 9 definitely seems like something worth checking out, especially since it'll probably be comparatively cheap. Maybe now I'll finally have an excuse to buy Wii Points. Sorry if I got a bit ranty.
  7. Thanks, guys! I'm definitely liking both of the bonus tracks, and given that I still haven't even heard any of the Symphonia stuff yet, this is going to be awesome. And I guess I'll show my support and put one of those banners in my sig, too, at least for now. It beats having a blank sig.
  8. While part of me thinks this game will be cool, another part of me thinks "not cool enough." Although I've always liked Animal Crossing for what it is, it seems that it can only last for so long. Sooner or later I get to the point where there's just not enough gameplay there to keep my interest. You can only do the same old things for so long before you get tired of them. Still, it might be worth it for as long as it lasts before getting boring, and it seems like there'll be more to do added, which in my opinion is far more important than adding fish, bugs, furniture, etc. Plus, just knowing you can make your character look like a Mii is hilarity in the making. There's something about making your character look like Dr. Zoidberg or Quagmire that makes it sound like great fun. Or better yet, how about creeping people out with a Micheal Jackson Mii?
  9. Hey, I just wanted to drop in and say a few things. A. You guys are awesome. I was really hoping for a ToS remix and it sounds like you guys are going to remix the heck out of it. I'm almost as excited about this release as I am about Dawn of the New World, and that's saying something given how ridiculously much I enjoyed the first ToS. (and to be fair, I played the GBA version of ToP and liked that, too, albeit not as much as ToS, so I'm sure the ToP stuff will be great, too, even if I'm not quite as familiar with it) B. What exactly is the deal with your site? I visited the latest forums, but it looks like the site is down, which is a shame since I would've really liked to give that bonus track a listen. C. Would you be opposed to me putting a banner for the project in my sig if I saw fit? I know you're almost finished already, but more publicity can't hurt, right? Granted, I haven't decided whether or not I want to, but I figured I'd ask since I'm new and don't know all the etiquette involved in this stuff. I wouldn't want anyone accusing me of stealing their banner.
  10. Hey there everyone! I'm a long time fan of OCR, but I only recently figured I'd join the forums. I can't say for sure how much I'll be around, but I figured I'd at least register and have a looksie around. Anyway, as you can probably guess I'm a big gamer. I'd classify myself as something like a Nintendo fanboy/RPG enthusiast who also likes Mega Man and other various bits of this and that. Although I have plenty of ideas as far as games/tracks that should be remixed, I don't actually have the musical talent or equipment to actually remix myself (plus I'm a total cheapskate, so it'd be hard to justify buying anything like that), so I can't help anyone out on that account. As for other stuff about me, I'm 18 and will be going to college in a month or so, so age-wise I think I'll fit in just fine. I live in Wisconsin and geographically that's all I'm saying in the interest of privacy. I'm typically pretty laid back and easy-going and I hate drama and conflict (civil debate is okay, but I tend to shy away from controversy typically), so it's doubtful I'll be starting any flame wars or anything of that sort. Anyway, I think that's it for the time being. I'll ask around if I have any other questions, and feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me.