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Issues with WinAmp


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Well my PC is kinda old, so iTunes and WoW running at the same time made WoW play laggy.

I decided to try another Music Player and so I started with Winamp. It worked better with WoW, a little laggy still, but better than iTunes.

While making my electronic music playlist and I run into a problem with old downloaded music from iTunes.

The newly purchased music from iTunes plays normally, but some files that were downloaded around 3 years ago wont play at all.

Is there any solution to this problem?

If not, can anyone recommend me a very light music player that I can run in the background while playing WoW?

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Did you download them as mp3s or m4as? I'm not entirely sure that Winamp plays m4a files. Also, I think Apple had some kind of file protection on their early music files so you might want to look into that. I haven't used any other MP3 player other than Winamp so I can't really give you any recommendations for another light player.

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Assuming the itunes tracks are mp4, just covert them into mp3. I've posted something about this a while back on a music players app thread...

In any rate I prefer using Foobar2k, simple enough to play music on the fly for the most part on pc's but also rich enough to to customized...


Try it and see if it works for you.

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I tryed Foobar2k and I noticed why it isnt playing the old files.

The old files downloaded with iTunes are *.m4p

The new ones are *.m4a. These files do play.

Ill just try to convert them and see if they'll play.

EDIT: Never mind the conversion. I discovered that the files are not supported by my Audio Converter (Smart Audio Converter)

I Guess Im stuck with iTunes. :S (Dont get me wrong tho, I think iTunes is the best media player I've ever used)

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Been looking for an answer and found something on a basic google search, try it and see if it works for you.

You can just use the converter in iTunes to convert to mp3 and it'll keep all your tags intact

just go into edit->preferences->advanced->click the "importing" tab->import using mp3 encoder, choose your bitrate, then apply the changes

then just select all the .m4a files in your library click advanced->convert selection to .mp3

it dumps all the files into folders by artist then album so it's easy to keep track and then you can just delete the original files.

In your iTunes preferences, go to "advanced". Choose "Importing" and then select "Import using MP3 encoder". Click ok, then go back to your iTunes Library and select the files you want converted from m4a to mp3. Go to the "Advanced" menu bar option and select "convert to MP3". When they are done converting, select the new files in your iTunes library and drag them to a new folder on your desktop. Presto-chango! MP3s with tags!


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Conversion won't help you in any way. Some files you buy from iTunes still have DRM and can only be played back in iTunes or on an iPod. Short of recording from your line out as you play the track or finding a program that hacks or removes the Apple DRM, there's no way to get around that. I'm not sure offhand whether all tracks added after a certain date are DRM-free or whether the artist/label gets the choice of whether to use DRM or not on the iTunes store, but basically, your choice is buy the songs again in a DRM-free format or stick to iTunes.

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doing my own research I found out about MyFairTunes, which removes the protections added buy iTunes.

The website says its absolutely legal as long as you don't become a pirate :P

The program also transforms it to MP3

Since I have around 5Gb of music, its probably gonna take me a while.

I hope it wont mess my songs up though.

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