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Headphones: Is this normal?

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This may be a kind of vague question, but let's see how we go...

As a part of some recent technology upgrades, I'm going to pick up some new headphones to accompany some hobby composition projects. In the past I've been using my old and worn Sony MDR-CD270 headphones. Just reading up on them now, their reputation certainly isn't good, but the qualms people have with them don't really surprise me (I've noticed a few irregularities myself).

Anyway, so I've been looking at getting something much better, perhaps in the Sennheiser range. My housemate has the HD 485 model, and has given them to me to try out. Logically, these would be a much higher quality set of headphones.

But here's the thing, when I listen to familiar pieces of audio, the sound quality seems somewhat muffled; almost like I'm holding thin plastic cups over my ears. Additionally, the sounds appear to be further away.

This all may be just because my Sony's have been lying to me for years, but are these genuinely the signs of higher quality and accurate headphones? I'm personally finding this a bit annoying.

Thanks in advance. Let me know if you need clarification with anything, but keep in mind I'm not incredibly knowledgeable on the subject.

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The problems you cited are probably caused by the fact that the Sennheisers fit all around your ears (which I'm guessing the Sony didn't), but most of all because the frequency range you're used to from your old headphones will be more treble heavy and severely lacking in the lower regions as compared to higher quality, more balanced headphones, which will probably make it seem 'muffled' compared to the Sony headphones because of the greater presence of mid and bass frequencies.

That or the Sennheisers are just broken.:<

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