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  1. Normally the only thing that crashes the game for me are ABC files with multiple tracks. All of the files I've made work perfectly fine for me.
  2. I just looked for a midi to ABC converter. ABC files are basically text files with a particular type of notation so you can put pretty much any song you want into the game.
  3. If anyone happens to find a banjo, you're obliged to play this with me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l9x0j2chv1oc44t/Duelingbanjosbanjopart.abc https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7d3s55ilc34843/Duelingbanjosguitarpart.abc
  4. Yeah Leather Armor is the best tier 1 armor you can get and it also lets you survive on moons and snow planets without having to spam campfires or anything like that. It will probably get nerfed.
  5. Minerals get more common as you travel to different planets with higher threat levels. Around 5 or so you'll find iron ores all over the place.
  6. Yeah the first boss (after building the distress beacon) is RIDICULOUSLY strong considering how early you can fight him.
  7. Walking simulator of the year maybe.'Game' is a bit of a stretch.
  8. http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=13575345 "We don't want to enforce a meta"
  9. I think you'd have to go really far down the fringe/extremist spectrum to find individuals that explicitly advocate a privileged position for women in society (a matriarchy?) and would disagree with the wikipedia definition of feminism.
  10. Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women. From wiki.
  11. There's no point in getting Origins if you have Legends because Legends has most of the Origins levels in it as a bonus. Unless you really really prefer the Origins art style I guess...
  12. You can animation cancel ranged attacks while the projectile animation is already in flight, or am I reading this wrong?
  13. I never said that grinding games with griefers on both teams for a marginal increase in your MMR is *fun*. I said that theoretically, over a longer time, it's impossible to stay in the 'wrong' bracket because at some point, the disparity between your own skill level and the rest of the players around you will come into play. If the person in this example is truly better than the bracket they are playing in, every time they play a match, the team that they are on will have an inherently higher chance to win simply because they have *one* player who is slightly better than the rest and is more or less guaranteed not to actively ruin the game. If you match up 10 random players from the same bracket, the odds are supposed to be 50/50. In your matches, however, there are only 9 random players + you. It's irrelevant that one in every couple of games is flat out unwinnable because of a single player who throws the game. Your team is guaranteed to always have at least one slot taken up by a player who presumably knows what they are doing (yourself), while the enemy team has no such guarantee. Again, this is all under the assumption that the person really is better than their actual placement.
  14. That's not what I am saying, though. There isn't a system in place that automatically makes 1 out of every 10 matches unwinnable. Over time, every match that is out of your control (whether you lose because of someone on your team or win because of someone on the other team) will balance out, because again, the system presumably doesn't/shouldn't have a bias to place bad players/griefers on your team more often than on the enemy team. The only constant factor between all those matches are you yourself, so if you are better than your bracket indicates, EVENTUALLY it should start making a difference.
  15. Technically, over time, this should still translate to a higher win/loss ratio (and therefore an increase in MMR), though, shouldn't it? Even if games are far swingier because people aren't just playing badly but actively undermining each other, it's still effectively a 50/50 chance whether your own team or the enemy team throws harder. If someone truly considers themselves ranked below their actual skill, couldn't they just pick higher impact roles (I guess that would be Junglers or Mids in League?) and effectively drag their team kicking and screaming to a win? I mean, that's obviously not going to work in a lot of games, but say that it does in 1 out of 10 and the rest are pretty much split 50/50, the difference in player skill should eventually start to matter. That said, I can imagine that it could take an immense amount of time to bootstrap yourself out of a low ranking.
  16. Rocket jumps and combos are 'overpowered'. You could easily argue that they *do* undermine the rest of the game. They change the way the game is played, and every new player will have to learn how to utilize them and play against them. Especially with rocket jumping, that isn't something that every player has access to, only the one that happens to have picked up the rocket launcher. I don't know enough about LoL mechanics to theorycraft counters , but LoL has a vibrant global competitive scene. Competitive players would likely devise ways to counter it. Ultimately, though, does it really affect the game negatively if you have a pre-5 minute tower trade, and people grouping up for fast pushes? Isn't the laning phase generally accepted to be the most boring part of the game? This guy cares, and I'm sure that sentiment exists among many competitive players as well. You could just as easily say "Why should Capcom let thousands of new players get stomped by combos." The reason is that if a mechanic or strategy is balanced at the pro level, new players can always look 'upwards' to learn how to counter it. This is the entire concept behind so called pubstompers, i.e. champions that rely on mechanics that are easier to counter as your opponents go up in skill. Why should a company cater balance changes to people that have spent only a minute amount of time playing the game compared to the pro players, when the new players could simply adapt and learn how to play the game? Yeah, I don't really buy into the whole Riot buzzwords thing. Dying and losing the game are 'anti-fun' too, should we remove those from the game as well? Stealth adds variety to the game, it opens up the map by letting you walk past sight wards and it forces specific counterplays by the enemy team. It often gets criticized as a binary mechanic (if it gets countered, you lose, if it doesn't get countered, you win), but really it all depends on how you balance out detection and the stealth mechanics themselves.
  17. I don't really see the distinction here. Both Rocket Jumps and Combos changed the way Quake and Street Fighter played, in the sense that pretty much every player had to learn how to utilize those mechanics themselves, as well as figure out how to play against them. You are always free to draft champions that can push quickly as well, and I do think that if given a chance, the community could develop ways to play against it. Except now we won't know if that's possible, because Riot effectively removed it. Much like stealth and proxy Singed. I'm gonna say that the way it is right now (Towers start with additional armor which starts decaying after 4 minutes) is about as unintuitive to a new player as denying. Even if fast 2v1 pushes were deemed imbalanced, there are far more elegant solutions for nerfing it than effectively adding a hard limit on when it's okay to push down a tower, such as cheap items or summoner spells that clear minions faster or maybe temporarily power up a single tower.
  18. I think there's something to be said for emergent gameplay. Some of the most iconic, important gameplay mechanics of entire genres started out unintended. Can you imagine Capcom patching out combo's in SF2, or ID software removing rocket jumping in Quake? Riot essentially putting a hard limit on pushing early towers and severely restricting viable character builds rubs me the wrong way for that reason.
  19. No, I legit don't know what a 'bruiser' is supposed to be, but I keep seeing people refer to champions like Wukong and Riven as such.
  20. ^ Aren't those like bruisers or something, rather than carries?
  21. The section near the ending makes some amazing use of Stan Bushes "The touch". Like, even better than what SR3 did with "I need a hero". I almost died laughing. This game is way way better than SR3.
  22. People in these kinds of games tend to not look at Elo as a ranking (as it should be), but as a direct reflection of their own skill at the game. It sucks as a measure of skill because it's a relative, rather than a static system. You can fairly safely say that if you play a game regularly, your skill at it will increase. At the same time, though, your Elo might fluctuate or even drop if your improvement happens to be slower than that of the rest of the playerbase. A constant influx of new players muddles things even more. And that's not even touching on the problems associated with using a ranking intended for single player games for a team game.
  23. Elo is kind of a terrible way to rate your skill in the first place. If I lose a few games and my Elo drops, am I suddenly a worse player than before?
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