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Okami-Ryoshima Coast II


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I just got done playing through Okami a week or so ago and I've come to love the music throughout! "Reset" ~"Thank You" Version~ was already done by McVaffe, so now we need Ryoshima Coast II. I actually think that this tune is better than Reset, although Reset has the "perfect closing music" factor, which puts it a bit higher. In any case, yeah. Ryoshima Coast II people!

I just thought of another great idea! How about this? Someone should do Tsuzurao's Theme complete with sexy noises like the original as a gag remix (like the gag LoZ remix "The Music of My Groin")! Someone do this soon please!

I forgot something inportant! For anyone who decides to have a go at this, you can download the entire soundtrack at bluelaguna.net. Just that it's really big and the site makes you download all the tracks individually (Since I actually did that, does that mean I have no life?). Use the second mirror. The first one's no good. 'Save link as'...

Thank you for supporting the thread Berty200!

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