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  1. So, if I have this right...you want somebody to recreate an entire soundtrack for you in the style of those (usually crap) soundfont videos made by YouTube randos, you want every song nicely loop-able/swappable, and you want sheet music for each song. You also want somebody to parse the differences between two fundamentally different soundtracks and figure out some happy middle ground that you specifically are happy with. You also want all this done for peanuts, and you're posting about it in the wrong section of the forums. Without even knowing most of the work that would go into all that, I know it would probably take at least a day per song, *if* somebody with the right skills was passionate about making those songs exist. Let's be real here; you're not getting somebody like Virt to make your stuff, so your not going to get the full choirs of heaven dropped in your lap in the span of a couple hours (and if he did take your commission...hoo boy. I'd hate to see the bill for that, no matter how fast he did it). $170 a song seems to me like it'd be floating right around the average minimum wage in the US for the time it might take to give you what you want. Sounds like your friend was being very reasonable.
  2. Just giving an update on my own request for anybody else who might've wanted a cover/arrangement of this song. I don't know if people posting on YouTube sometimes look through the digital paper shredder that is the OCR requests section (I feel like it's better to throw requests to the ether than not at all) for ideas, but GaMetal just posted an amazing metal cover for this song:
  3. I think what you want has (more or less) been done already: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03376 They just did the stupid thing where somebody knows about the song from Smash Bros, so they file it as a Smash Bros song instead of what it's supposed to be.
  4. I just finished this awesome game, so I went remix hunting (as you do when a soundtrack is good). A lot of the best songs have at least one good remix already, but not this one:
  5. This seems like something people here on OCR would latch onto and run with, just that probably not too many people have actually played the game.
  6. I finished Cyber Shadow a few weeks back (wanted to put some space between this request and my Hiveswap one; feels a bit obnoxious to leave them back-to-back), and really liked the polished, classic Ninja Gaiden feel of it. All the tracks in the game are pretty short (though people here at OCR have done good work with far less), so I wasn't sure if this was worth asking for, but the Apparitor's theme quickly got stuck in my head. Apparitor 1: Apparitor 2: I also got the theme for the Meka Dragon boss stuck in my head, on account of that fight was total BS. If somebody wants to take a crack at that one (and somehow convey pain and suffering over what feels like hours), that could be good. Meka Dragon: Synthwave feels like the most natural genre these would fall into. But if you're feeling inspired, whatever works, works.
  7. I don't know if it needs a remix; there are three versions of Ticket to Ride in the game. Also, it's pretty good as is. But I think it would be cool to see somebody go full Electroswing with this. Maybe some breakdowns/switch-ups into the Quadrant Confusion/Trial Variation versions of the song. Just some thoughts. The sources: Ticket to Ride: Rusty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub2gvuaJ3JA Ticket to Ride: Quadrant Confusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12X31slGqKw Ticket to Ride: Trial Variation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4GmT28X5bc
  8. I've never been able to find any attempts to cover this song, but every once in a while when I was a kid playing the Gameboy port of it (called Adventure Island II...talk about confusing) I'd find myself trying to hum/beatbox this. I feel like there might be a middle ground for this: somewhere between something like Theophany's Woodfall Temple arrangement and some kind of silly tribal beatbox kind of thing. Or it could just go full silly tribal beatbox thing.
  9. I made a couple of new levels, but I can't upload them yet without getting rid of some other ones. I did get rid of one to make room for this one though: Something Deeply Wrong: 9EBA-0000-006A-4B3F A friend of mine found two of the rare ( and mostly useless) 30th anniversary Mario amiibos and got me one, and after I saw what it does I HAD to run with it.
  10. I think I blocked you WAY~ in the past for harassing me a bunch. Please at least *try* not to be rude the moment I pop my head out to say something. Anyway, I put a crazy amount of thought into each and every last level I made. You *should* be able to handle those levels. I said people could ask me for hints as a courtesy. That's easy enough to understand. Exactly this. And thank you.
  11. I've made some levels. I need stars bad. Stinging in the Rain: 7783-0000-0037-D8B6 The Bounce Vault: 8BE4-0000-0038-F252 "It'll give you wings",they said: CAD0-0000-003A-33C0 Can't handle Bill say, "What?": 4E18-0000-0048-69B4 Pyromania Pizza Palace: 79E3-0000-003E-378E Pin the Tail on the Cheetah: 1706-0000-003F-F632 "Friendly" Mario vs the Sky Guys: 1C58-0000-0043-B19E Mario, Woodchipper Inspector: 1017-0000-0047-E992 Sink or Fly, Stop and Die: BD8C-0000-0048-E3E6 Ghosts of the Past: E923-0000-004B-4821 Most of the levels are expert-level, but not hard enough that you can't beat them with a little practice. You can message me for help.
  12. Any backer of Sam Dillard's Chrono Cinematica album is getting access to a Crystalis medley. That's one option you can run with. I don't know if he's going to have the medley ready at the same time as the album, but if he is, then it'll be out next week on Thursday.
  13. This place kind of messed me up when I was trying to play through it as a kid. Anyway, I'm thinking something creepy would be good for this. As usual for me, almost any style is good, just figure out the best way to portray Jano (the skull-stick-waving cyclops thing with the chompers) coming after you. The link: And here's the N64 version: It's lower quality, but the tune is also a little different, and since the N64 version is the version I played, I'm kind of partial to it. Both are good though. It's a short source, so there's lot's of room to play around with it.
  14. Maverick Rising was great, but it was also basically a MMX album w/random assortment of others. The further into the series the album went, the more the coverage tapered off, and there's still a lot of good stuff there. Case in point: Interesting point nobody brings up: the song actually sounds like rooster calls made into a rock song. Seriously, try inserting some cock-a-doodle-doos in there. It's pretty funny...and awesome. Annnd, I pretty much don't care about the genre, just try to maintain the intensity. My other pick would be "Vs Vile": Again, I don't care about genre, just find a way to maintain the feeling if you would.
  15. Already done. Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash. The song is called "All That Remains". It's not trance (why?) or dubstep though, just a straight orchestral cover with some rock and light chiptune bits.
  16. Boss Battle - Prince Tower - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBGoLWNfZRE The full soundtrack for those interested. - http://sillythewilly.bandcamp.com/album/phoenotopia-ost The game for those interested. It is free. It ought to be on Steam. It's pretty good. - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/644696
  17. For me this was more just a glitchfest of random sound effects with a Metroid song in it. It was there for the first half...sparingly, and throughout in the second-half, but it seems like it's really just fodder for the mangling going on. A lot of time and talent had to have went into producing this, but at the same time, I can picture just about any song going into this blender and achieving the same result, and it doesn't really please my ears. "Super Mario Dirty Mix" this is not. Not even from a "mangling" perspective. I felt like I wanted to say that Dirty Mix is more driven or focused, but that sounds absurdly stupid and hilarious and not at all true so I'm reversing that. I don't know how else to say it though. Still, similar starting points, different everything else.
  18. This is great! I only have one nitpick about this. When you get to 3:22, what does it sound like he's saying? I'll give you all time to think about it.
  19. I kind of feel like this should have been on the Mega Man 9 - Back in Blue album, had the song existed back then. Great work! I will say that I almost would've wanted lyrics throughout the song, rather than just at the end. That brief lyrical cameo sounded really good! But then again maybe not. I never know what I'm going to get with vocal remixes. One wrong word can kill it for me.
  20. None of the songs really *need* a remix. Most of them are already remixes, and they're all of really good quality, but I'd be interested to see what someone might do with the .
  21. For a song he made "without thinking", this is actually one of the only songs on the album I like. It actually captures the atmosphere of the song, which is something I wasn't feeling from pretty much any of the others.
  22. The teaser title needs to go, to be replaced by the name of the game and song. I also have to wonder if we listened to the same song. It's meant to convey something, and it does. Well, opinions be opinions. An orchestrated remix could be very good. On another note, as big as Maverick Rising was, it's very front-heavy. MMX4-8 got almost no covers. An addendum album is very necessary.
  23. I think not enough people got the game to realize what they're missing. I would like to see a straight rock remix of . Also a remix of or . The is great too. And the second .
  24. This is really well made. My only gripe is that listening to it the first time I had a hard time picking out the sources until later in the mix. After I "found" them, I got into the rhythm of it and it was no problem, but at the start coming into it I found them a bit difficult to pick out. Repeat listens did help a lot. Otherwise props for mad skillz!
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