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VG Opinion Poll #2 - Results!


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Here is last week's question:

Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #2

In a RPG, which of the following characters is most likely to die?

a) the old person

B) the magic user

c) the strong ally

d) the love interest

Here's what you said:

a - 6 votes (50.00%) WINNER!


b - 0 votes (0.00%)

c - 5 votes (41.67%)


d - 1 vote (8.33%)


It's a win for game geriatrics everywhere! Apparently the life expectancy for adventuring elderly is not very good. I was surprised to see that there were NO votes for b (FFVII and Lufia as examples in my mind). Regardless, I'm still posting the sig I created!

Preview sig here.

For the large version, 247 X 814, copy this image code and replace the parentheses with brackets: (IMG)http://i484.photobucket.com/albums/rr201/trueedgedesigns/aerisawardbig.png(/IMG)

For the smaller version, 124 x 408, copy this image code and replace the parentheses with brackets: (IMG)http://i484.photobucket.com/albums/rr201/trueedgedesigns/aerisawardsmall.png(/IMG)

If anyone knows of an easier way to post these image codes, please let me know.

Thanks for voting and look out for another poll next week!

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