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  1. there was a dance scene in spiderman 3 wasnt there? in retrospect that really seemed out of place.
  2. So please consider remixing these the source tunes do very good
  3. Yeah so I can play song of mana on piano, kind of, but like i dont have the resources to remix. someone do it now
  4. haha you know I just got done listening to zealous entropy at DoD. Id help you out bro but my voice kind of sucks. im only good at indian impressions, and even then its pathetic. yeah i dont even know why i posted really.
  5. really it makes no sense for music to even be there, much less a house mix ocr is spreading its roots to the judicial system now...
  6. GT im on right now play me 3995 6446 5120
  7. im gonna see if i can borrow a wee right now okay, i can. friend codes? where?
  8. hilight your text and click the little yellow pic of the mountain limit 4 pics per post
  9. i love destroying pit strategies with heal heal heal heal thx bub. then, like the dude in the video, they have to actually fight, and it turns out most pits are pussies. again why kid icarus
  10. its fun to watch these videos and reflect and realize i will never be that good
  11. Holy shit... michael chrichton is dead... he was one of my favorite authors. god this sucks My favorite authors: [x] Douglas Adams [x] Michael Chrichton [ ] Robert Ludlum better not die goddamit
  12. winamp was playing van halen's eruption so when i turned sound on i was confused for a while... u got sheet music? i hate figuring notes out for myself
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