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The Kevin and Erik Show Wants You!

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Copied from my Facebook:

Do you have the capacity to record video or audio of yourself? Do you want to be famous on YouTube?

Kevin and me are moving the Kevin and Erik show to a new format, YouTube videos! We're looking for short video or audio clips of people saying things like, "Since I started watching The Kevin and Erik Show, my wife told me she loves me for the first time!" or "Ever since I saw The Kevin and Erik Show, my dog came home!" or "Ever since I watched The Kevin and Erik Show, I finally was able to go to the bathroom without crying!"

All you have to do is take video of yourself, upload it to a media sharing site like mediafire.com, send it to me on aim, or e-mail it to me (supremespleen@gmail.com). Then, we'll stick it in the new show!

If you need any help, let me know. I want a lot of these, if possible.

Essentially, I am moving my stream of consciousness, often game related, talk radio show to YouTube, and I want silly clips of people saying how the Kevin and Erik show saved their 'this' or helped their 'that'. It'll get stuck on a promo that I'm editing tonight - I was hoping a few OCRers might want to jump on this.

If you can, send them to me by 11 PM CST. But late is fine to, as they will get used. If you have one, I can throw in a URL plug at the end of the promo.

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