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  1. Copied from my Facebook: Essentially, I am moving my stream of consciousness, often game related, talk radio show to YouTube, and I want silly clips of people saying how the Kevin and Erik show saved their 'this' or helped their 'that'. It'll get stuck on a promo that I'm editing tonight - I was hoping a few OCRers might want to jump on this. If you can, send them to me by 11 PM CST. But late is fine to, as they will get used. If you have one, I can throw in a URL plug at the end of the promo.
  2. I love Mega64, watch their podcast religiously. This podcast made me ill
  3. As prizes, they were giving away CDs with 500 OCRemixes. Also saw DJP's autograph on a VGL arcade machine. Thought you'd like to know.
  4. She's pregnant. In this version of the future, all pregnancy is induced by artificial insemination - some of my research predicts that as "force feedback" technology advances people will engage less and less in the act of physical sex, and more and more digital sex. They also predict the ease of constructing digital versions of onesself for online interaction.In the world I am constructing based off this, humans rarely have reason to venture away from a sort of "sensoridigital experience chamber" that has become future humans "PC." Because of this, she has not ever seen her husband in physical person.
  5. For one of my classes, we are allowed to do a creative assignment of sorts and I love audio editing - though it would be more work than just writing a piece of fiction, I thought doing a radio drama sort of deal might be pretty cool. I'm still not 100% sure how I will write it - I may do it as a series of audio diaries, or I might string everything together as a long narrative. If you're wondering, the setting is pretty cyberpunk. I'm doing lots of research on nanotech, computers, etc. and doing a thing on a world where people become too dependent on technology. Using a lot of predictions by guys like Ray Kurzweil and stuff as a base and then trying to expand on it. This stuff is super duper preliminary. I just want to get an idea of who sounds like what. This is a project that will get done because it is a homework assignment :3 This is the girl 'audition' piece: "It’s today! I’ve sent holo-mails to all my friends… sure, I haven’t met most of them, but they’re just as excited as me! I’ve seen the 3D models of my baby - I think he’ll look just like his dad’s avatar. Big, strong, I bet he’ll make a great overseer someday. Sometimes I wish I could have been an overseer… but being around all those machines in person makes me nervous. It’s a lot of responsibility! Anyway, I think I can be a tutor in a few years. It’ll be great to be a living breathing part of a child’s development. And besides, I’ve heard sometimes tutors get to leave their bio-suits. Sometimes tutors get to touch a child… to comfort them. They say it’s rare, but it happens!" And here's an early intro to the whole thing that I've slapped together: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=73fe793c99985f31d2db6fb9a8902bda
  6. Dude, could you please record it some way? I'm in Chicago and have no way to see it D: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
  7. Last night Rambo? I'll try my best to get on, but seeing as I'm at spleen's house, it'll be hard to register for my slot reservation... let alone play (fyi this is ducky)
  8. This reminds me of that colin guy.That guy was an asshole :3
  9. For those that bothered to check out the first one, we've begun work on the sequel, Doug to the Future. As we work on it, we've been filming behind the scenes stuff. Here are the first two featurettes we've put together.
  10. EVE Online replaced my girlfriend my sophomore year of high school. True story.
  11. The Cakearmy is what gives a Remodder his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.
  12. Remod brought my dog back from the dead.
  13. So then when donors aren't playing, there are just two empty slots that lock everyone out?That's silly.
  14. CHIPP, you wouldn't happen to have mp3s of the Japanese versions of the songs, wouldya?
  15. I'm up for some TF2, if anyone wants. My steam ID is supremespleen.
  16. My uncle wants to pop it open and try to replace the hard drive. I do not know if that is possible. Here is what he sent me. He's been unable to open it, even after taking out the screws. Can he just yank it really hard, or what?
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