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Hey there, Native.

I'm pretty new to the site, but I'm a big fan of SF3. So, if you don't mind- I'll do my best to give a helpful critique. =)

Third Strike's got one of my favorite Street Fighter soundtracks, though the amount of original content in each track unfortunately amounts to something like 30 seconds worth of music. Means a remixer's job's cut out for him! To make the breakbeats interesting, there needs to be more variety throughout the piece.

The mix starts out pretty strong, but it kind of does the same thing for the duration of the rest of the thing, except one section where you go half-time. There's no over-arching melody to grab hold of the listener's attention, either.

With something like this, I think the flute sample needs to be much more expressive since it's pretty lonely as the sole melodic instrument. A wider palette of synth soundscapes could also add to the mix while adding more flavor to the rhythmic offerings.

Try changing around the chords at some point, or evoking a different feeling in the composition. Fighting Gouki's sometimes harder than fighting Gill, so maybe try writing a section that makes you feel like you're fighting against the bane of life or something.

Overall, I think the biggest issue is the lack of variety. The mix is in my face with a constant flow of frantic beats that don't let up. Like a Raging Demon.

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