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Ragnarok Online - Christmas In The 13th Month


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Well, I really think you made the transition from playful to serious orchestral very well. Personally, my thoughts were as soon as the piano entered that the piece was going to be a piano concerto type track. And I was kinda disappointed that the piano wasn't featured more prominently. I think the arrangement worked well anyway, but it's something to consider.

At the very least, I think the piano can use quite a bit of tweaking as far as dynamics are concerned. I like the eerie, far-off toybox kind of effect to a point, but I think some varying dynamics in the piano would really help.

I thought the orchestral percussion sounds were all pretty accurate (I'm a percussionist). I had to listen to the suspended cymbal roll going into the crash at around 0:42 like 10 times, cause something sounded off, but I think it's ok. If anything, the sus. cymbal needs to crescendo just a bit more toward the end in order to meet the crash cleanly. But I'm getting knit-picky.

Only other thing was I think the end could be better. It's kind of a typical, triumphant horn call end, and I just don't think it fits the mood of the track - particularly with the subdued piano. Actually, if you wanna keep it upbeat, I would incorporate the piano more into the ending. A more subdued, anticlimatic ending with piano would also fit very well I think.

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Thanks for the reply. I didn't like the ending very much myself, and changed it up with a piano after your suggestion. I think it sounds a lot better now, so I appreciate that. Some dynamic changes were made too, which I also agreed with. It might be a little difficult to turn the whole thing into a piano concerto though. It wasn't what I had planned in the beginning, so I'm not too sure how to work that in. If I have time to do a modification of that extent though, I'll keep it in mind.

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