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  1. Haha, nice analogy. That's kinda what I gathered from Nase's post, but on visiting the ST website I couldn't really tell. Might check that out then. If it's good enough for Kikuta...
  2. After looking up Sampletank, my question is, why would you need FL and ST? It looks like ST has most/all of the functions you would need to do what Ray is asking. Well, actually, I'm looking at ST2. Maybe they upgraded its capabilities?
  3. Well, I've messed around with some shareware, freeware programs, etc. And I have some experience with FLStudio and Ableton as well, but I'm wondering if anyone has any info on a good choice for a program for MIDI creating/editing. Like I said, I've used other DAWs such as Ableton, but I was creating real sounding, .mp3 quality stuff on there. For my current project (some indie games) I need to make good sounding MIDI. I never messed around with that in Ableton or anything, and the few shareware programs I've messed with haven't been great. So again - I need a program who's strength is creating/editing good sounding MIDI files. Any help is much appreciated! Edit: Or, can any decent DAW do this equally well, and it doesn't really matter which you use?
  4. I'll have to mess with it, but I know that Sibelius uses some form of the Kontakt player, which I've messed around with in Ableton before, so it may be that I can just steal the soundfonts from Sibelius, that's something I hadn't thought of.
  5. I have worked with a couple DAWs (FL Studio, Ableton). But I find Sibelius' orchestral sounds to be better than most (or any) that I've heard/been able to create in a DAW. That's why I was thinking of using it primarily this time around. Actually, I've never messed with importing a MIDI file into a DAW. So, for example, if I scored the composition in Sibelius, then exported as a MIDI/imported into a DAW, I could have the base Sibelius sounds to tweak, rather than having to create them in the DAW itself? Thanks! -Dana
  6. Is anyone out there highly skilled with Sibelius? I've used it to engrave most of my classical/contemporary compositions, but I'm unfamiliar with many of its finer points, particularly effects, etc. I'm composing a few tracks for an indie game, and I'd like to use Sibelius if possible, since I'm planning on a more orchestral sound, rather than electronic. So, can anyone shoot me some pointers, either here or over PM, about the finer workings of Sibelius? Particularly when it comes to effects/getting different sounds out of the instruments. I don't plan on using a lot (or any, really) SFX, but, for example, if I want to change the sound of my strings a bit...what's the best way to do that? Thanks! -Dana
  7. I thought I'd try to draw from everyone's ideas here, rather than begin searching the entire OCR database myself. My friend asked me to help her find a track to use for a hooping (yeah....) thing at some kinda halloween show. I'm sure there are a ton of ideal OCR tracks, and I probably even have a few on my favorites list, but it's a daunting task to just start scrolling through them all. So if anyone has any ideas off the top of their head for some track ideas, send em to me please! Thanks!
  8. Hey I haven't been on the site for a while. Are all the new DL links now in Quicktime format? Is seems like the only way to save these is with the "Save as Source" option, only available with Quicktime Pro. I must be missing something, but I really can't figure out what. Sorry I'm stupid, but can someone clue me in here? Thanks!
  9. Cool, thanks! Yeah the compression was giving me a really hard time on this for some reason. I thought I had eliminated all the bumps in that last take, but maybe not. But it seems that everytime I EQed or compessed something, another problem would pop up as a result (or maybe I just couldn't hear it before). Anyway, I guess I need to try an figure that out some more. As far as writing, the 3 source tunes are taken mostly verbatim, and mixed in different combinations, while the more improvisatory passage with the kinda bass/plunky instrument (I'm great at describing sounds) is original counterpoint.
  10. Actually I was thinking about tackling some tracks from this game as my next project, because I also loved it and the music as well!
  11. Just a bump to say that I uploaded a new version of the track. It's pretty much final, since I'm pretty happy with it, and I've gotten no responses. Though I would still appreciate any feedback. I know the music is probably not that well known, but any comments would still be helpful. Thanks!
  12. There's nothing really wrong with the opening, though the piano sound is a little harsh by itself, I think it'll cut nicely when it's in a mix. If you are saying that what you have is the buildup, and that you are going into a techno beat right after that, then it can work. You probably would want to do a synth/cymbal crescendo and then just drop the beat on us. That would give the most contrast to the opening while still getting to the techno in a legit (although common) way.
  13. Well, I really think you made the transition from playful to serious orchestral very well. Personally, my thoughts were as soon as the piano entered that the piece was going to be a piano concerto type track. And I was kinda disappointed that the piano wasn't featured more prominently. I think the arrangement worked well anyway, but it's something to consider. At the very least, I think the piano can use quite a bit of tweaking as far as dynamics are concerned. I like the eerie, far-off toybox kind of effect to a point, but I think some varying dynamics in the piano would really help. I thought the orchestral percussion sounds were all pretty accurate (I'm a percussionist). I had to listen to the suspended cymbal roll going into the crash at around 0:42 like 10 times, cause something sounded off, but I think it's ok. If anything, the sus. cymbal needs to crescendo just a bit more toward the end in order to meet the crash cleanly. But I'm getting knit-picky. Only other thing was I think the end could be better. It's kind of a typical, triumphant horn call end, and I just don't think it fits the mood of the track - particularly with the subdued piano. Actually, if you wanna keep it upbeat, I would incorporate the piano more into the ending. A more subdued, anticlimatic ending with piano would also fit very well I think.
  14. Yeah my only concern was what you already brought up - cutting down the file size. I didn't really mind the repetition, but then I was also doing some other things while listening to the track on repeat. It flows very well, and I didn't really catch anything that bothered me or felt "wrong". Although I would probably take people's advice and cut a bit outta the middle, just to bring down the overall file size without having to sacrifice too much quality.
  15. Yeah dude, the arrangment/layering is solid. Obviously it's going to need some more length, and I'm interested to see what you come up with as far as a bridge/B section, as well as how you are going to kick it up for the finish.
  16. So I apologize for not reading the previous 109 pages. I've read the latest few at least, and it sounds like the project needs fresh interest? Anyway, I'd be interested. Whichever way we decided to go - picking our own boss theme and submitting it (which makes the most sense to me) or choosing from a predetermined track list.
  17. Hey, I'm a percussionist, so this kinda thing is right up my alley. I'll get to work and see if I can get somethin you like.
  18. Well the only thing I'll say is that it sounds like the harmonies will work between the lead/rhythm. Although I would consider a more advanced/varied harmonic progression toward the end of the phrase.
  19. Ok! So this is my first posting of a mix from the games Digital Devil Saga 1/2. Considering my forum name, it'd be treason not to use music from these games as my first post. I've actually used a few different themes - the theme from the opening track, "Pray" from DDS1, and then "Heat's Theme" and "Om Mani Padme Hum" from DDS2. Plus some original counterpoint thrown in. I should say that I'm currently living in SK, and the only speakers I have are these crappy little things, so I've done a lot of listening with headphones/speakers. So there may be things that I simply can't hear due to speaker quality (or lack of). Anyway, I look forward to hearing your comments. -Dana And here's the edit with the LINK INCLUDED. http://www.box.net/shared/msqs7p5qmv I am teh smrt Another edit: Here are links to the source tracks. I forgot that many people never played these games (you're missing out). http://www.box.net/shared/107ebjpfbj - The slow, eighth note rhythm in low notes that enters at 0:50 http://www.box.net/shared/ysxayaoan9 - The bell part that comes in at 1:20 http://www.box.net/shared/dqqsxjbupd - The repeated electronic pattern that comes in at 0:15
  20. Not knocking your opinion, but just for the record, I never touched a strategy guide and almost 100% completed the game (had to look up a couple things).
  21. Well, you can't say anything for sure about the combat until you actually get in there and test it. But I have faith in them. I actually realllllllly enjoyed FFXII's combat system. Honestly, that's all that kept me playing, as I thought the story was bare bones and boring. But the seamless combat made it feel more like an MMO, and I played through the game just because the combat was so smooth. If they can manage the same type of thing in XIII, I'm sure it will be enjoyable. Unless the only kind of combat you like is completely traditional turn based. Then you're probably kinda screwed.
  22. Thanks - I hadn't thought of rendering it externally. Sorry for the misplaced post.
  23. So, are there any tricks to reducing file size without cutting out a lot of content? I need to drop about another 1.5 MB. I have these ambient soundscape bookends to the mix, but I cut any more time off either end I'm afraid it will lose its effect. Any suggestions? I'm using FLStudio Demo, if it matters. Thanks!
  24. So how much fine-tuning work do you usually have to do once you import the FInale file into your DAW? Are we talking relatively minor tweaks and changes, and you're finished? What I'm getting at is - is this still an efficient way to do things, or does it take much longer since you are writing it and then re-evaluating it? Most likely, I wouldn't be needing sheet music of the tracks I am making, as they are (as of right now, at least) not really intended to be performed live. Either way, though I haven't worked with Sibelius in a while, I would have to assume that it has an export function, so I would still probably go with that whenever I buy my next notation software.
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