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And now here's your commercial break lol


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Hey all!

Well I finally got it done! My 2009 Character Demo Reel! I suppose some of you know what happened on my first attempt at making my 2009 demo....came out too long yada yada ya...long story short, "Flight of the Vampires" which can be viewed below the demos.


Here's my new vocal contribution to the VA community for 2009!

XTREEMMAK's Character Demo Reel 2009:http://www.box.net/shared/ink9fp1dg4

now hear the old one

XTREEMMAK's Character Demo Reel 2007:http://www.box.net/shared/yzydi4tba5

Flight of the Vampires:

ENJOY! Critique!

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Thanks for the compliment man!

Surprising enough, the mic is an El Cheapo MXL 990 which basically costs about $60.00. However, as cheap as it is, there is a reason why I now have two of them and the MXL 991. It's a pretty decent detailed mic for the price and with the right mix, you can get a fantastic recording.

Though for me, I am benefiting from running the mic also into a Great River Mic Pre with the interface being a RME Fireface 800, but what's lazy of me is that I have a Neumann TLM 103 sitting in my mic cabinet and I dont even use it lol. Thing is, the MXL has a larger diaphragm that captures a bit more low subtleties in my voice were as the TLM may make it too bright. Though, the TLM sounds excellent on vocals so when I'm or anyone else is singing, I use that usually.

I would go into further detail on my setup, but it's rather complicated lol. Instead, go to my YouTube channel and see if for yourself :)


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