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  1. So a little back story, Back in 2006, I became involved with a radio play called "Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements" as a voice actor for both Lucius Van Sephirot and Zaniel Vesta. As the series evolved, so did my involvement to where I wrote a Rock Orchestral main theme for the production. As the IP matured further (now into an upcoming video game), in 2016, I created a new website for the production with this very song playing as the site's background music. "Plains of Forever" still remains as one of my all time favorite orchestrations, and while I wasn't able to pull up the main session, I was able to do sort of a two track remaster to make the mix tighter and sit better overall! The song takes specific motif's from the original rock version called "Lands of Forever", and blends them into a grand epic orchestral production. Hope you enjoy this KEY JAY original!
  2. Hey all, So a couple of months ago, the Pixel Mixers started their own Final Fantasy VII homage project. Thanks to COVID and life however, things fell far behind than expected. However, happy to say that we finally were able to release the project yesterday! This track is my contribution to that project. While I don't think the track would clear an OCR review based on how it's structured, I thought that you might all still find it enjoyable. So... ENJOY! You can find the full download to the project in the video description.
  3. Thank you both! My apologies for not seeing these both till now. I wasn't sure if this was OCRemix level material possibly since I sing on this (traditionally I've understood that curators prefer just instrumentals, however I've been away for too long from submitting anything so things could have changed), but it couldn't hurt I guess. Sure
  4. Hey all, So in light of the recent Sonic Movie, and also considering it’s been a while since I’ve created a Sonic track, I’ve just released a brand new track based again on Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but this time, heavily based on Angel Island Zone Act 2, modeled from the perspective of an Angel Island Resident. It’s slightly dark, but still a very fun listen. YouTube aside, the song is also available now on Spotify YouTube Music Amazon Music and more, along with instrumental and alternate mix available through BandCamp. ENJOY!
  5. Hey all, Proud to release this finally! Not too long ago, I worked on a huge Final Fantasy 9 homage project called "Beyond the Mist", presented by the Pixel Mixers. This is my contribution to their project. The song is based on the location known as Oeilvert where...lol...your party has their magic ability sealed. I put a lot of work into this one and hope you enjoy! Also, you can download the full album free through the link in the video
  6. Hey all, Took and uptempo approach and made an epic dnb infused style mix of the iconic Roxas theme, "The Other Promise". I take some chances here while throwing in some inspirational elements from two other games (one also involving the number 13. Can you guess which?). ENJOY! ORIGINAL AUDIO:
  7. Hey all, Not sure if this really qualifies as a remix/cover as it's a blend between two songs with new lyrics, but I think you all will enjoy. If you need a break down on how this song correlates to the two original songs aka "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary", then let me know and I'll explain. Otherwise please enjoy! We worked really hard on this one :). Ohh, there's also a music video XD ENJOY!
  8. Hey there, More so a cover, but I thought I'd still post as you guys may like this. Presenting Sanctuary by myself and Serenn
  9. Thanks for the awesome post and compliment I'll consider carefully your advice about the samples.
  10. Hi, I have a remix that I would like to submit, however the song does use voice samples from Kingdom Hearts. Based on the submission guidelines, its prohibitive to submit with something that contains samples from Square Enix properties, however isn't Kingdom Hearts "technically" a Disney property? Yeah I know I'm splitting hairs here maybe, but just ruling out all my options lol. Just trying to find a work around. If not, then it's all good.
  11. Hi there, Thanks for the listen As far as what I use, I'm a Cubase Pro 8 type guy (still need to upgrade >_>). For the videos, I usually just use Premier and After Effects. I've created a visualizer from scratch before, however this time I used someone elses. It's nice but it was a super heavy project to work with. Took me 3 hours even on a powerful system to render x_X
  12. Hey all, So I'm pretty sure I can't submit this on OCRemix given the samples that I used, nor am I sure if it really fits the OCRemix style, but I thought I'd still post it here anyways Join me, Hand in Hand as we bump this to 100 Side X Side. If you didn’t get the obvious reference just now, then I can’t help ya XD. This is a stylistic Future Bass House Remix of Hand in Hand from Kingdom Hearts originally composed by Yoko Shimomura. Enjoy! SoundCloud Version: About the Project: http://pkxiii.com
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