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  1. Hey all, Proud to release this finally! Not too long ago, I worked on a huge Final Fantasy 9 homage project called "Beyond the Mist", presented by the Pixel Mixers. This is my contribution to their project. The song is based on the location known as Oeilvert where...lol...your party has their magic ability sealed. I put a lot of work into this one and hope you enjoy! Also, you can download the full album free through the link in the video
  2. Hey all, Took and uptempo approach and made an epic dnb infused style mix of the iconic Roxas theme, "The Other Promise". I take some chances here while throwing in some inspirational elements from two other games (one also involving the number 13. Can you guess which?). ENJOY! ORIGINAL AUDIO:
  3. Hey all, Not sure if this really qualifies as a remix/cover as it's a blend between two songs with new lyrics, but I think you all will enjoy. If you need a break down on how this song correlates to the two original songs aka "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary", then let me know and I'll explain. Otherwise please enjoy! We worked really hard on this one :). Ohh, there's also a music video XD ENJOY!
  4. Hey there, More so a cover, but I thought I'd still post as you guys may like this. Presenting Sanctuary by myself and Serenn
  5. Thanks for the awesome post and compliment I'll consider carefully your advice about the samples.
  6. Hi, I have a remix that I would like to submit, however the song does use voice samples from Kingdom Hearts. Based on the submission guidelines, its prohibitive to submit with something that contains samples from Square Enix properties, however isn't Kingdom Hearts "technically" a Disney property? Yeah I know I'm splitting hairs here maybe, but just ruling out all my options lol. Just trying to find a work around. If not, then it's all good.
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the listen As far as what I use, I'm a Cubase Pro 8 type guy (still need to upgrade >_>). For the videos, I usually just use Premier and After Effects. I've created a visualizer from scratch before, however this time I used someone elses. It's nice but it was a super heavy project to work with. Took me 3 hours even on a powerful system to render x_X
  8. Hey all, So I'm pretty sure I can't submit this on OCRemix given the samples that I used, nor am I sure if it really fits the OCRemix style, but I thought I'd still post it here anyways Join me, Hand in Hand as we bump this to 100 Side X Side. If you didn’t get the obvious reference just now, then I can’t help ya XD. This is a stylistic Future Bass House Remix of Hand in Hand from Kingdom Hearts originally composed by Yoko Shimomura. Enjoy! SoundCloud Version: About the Project: http://pkxiii.com
  9. Kind of more of a cover + original arrangmened section piece rather than a complete original. Either way, I think you guys might like it
  10. Sounds about right, Part of me wants to do this "right", but unfortunately doing it "right" in my case could turn up vastly more expensive and cost way more than the project is worth. Like you said, given my name in comparison to OCR, OCR definitely has more traction in regards to negotiation power, but I might have a small size advantage since I'm not considered a group (if you get what I mean) aka every other remixer on Soundcloud lol. I didn't want to avoid paying a license fee, but thats what happens when you leave it to a system too ridged to make something like this a lot more streamline given the increase in remix culture over the past few years; the music business at its best I suppose.... IDK, at the very least I can see what licenses are available through Loudr for at least some protection (since I may be doing limited cd prints and all) along with the very VERY thin chance of being protected under fair use. Even though I can find the contacts (thanks ASCAP) I also dont think its worth raising unnecessary red flags with Sony and Disney either by trying to get in contact with them due to the high likelihood of being denied as an individual anyway Worst comes to worst, I get pulled and I'm left to finish the smallest possible product out of pocket as a private online only distributable. Its all risky, but might be worth the shot I guess. If anything, I'll see how much I can mitigate my initial cost by utilizing possibly some of the musician resources here.. Thanks for the response! If you have anything to add or any other caveats to the above, please don't hesitate to comment
  11. Ok to start, I'm well aware (for the most part) of what happened with the Final Fantasy 6 album when it was shut down and relaunched. I tried searching for information on the talks with whom and what (either between Square or Kickstarter), but sadly was only met with speculation of what may have happened (if anyone has any further information on this or on campaigns similar and their legal processes, please let me know). This topic interests me because in the long run, I'm actually considering Kickstaring my own EP project based off of Kingdom Hearts (ohh sure, Square was bad enough, but you HAD to try the Mouse now huh?! lol). Of course, I trying to nail as many legal implications as I can. It will be freely distributed and I'm on the fence about adding CD prints as a reward offering atm as that part seems to be somewhat of a grey area and tends to inflate the asking price against the project's actual needs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't acquiring a compulsory license and a mechanical license for the song only apply to cover songs and not full derivatives like remixes? If so, I'm confused when I see albums like the FF6 one or albums like Chrono Cinematica saying they're fully licensed and distributed across networks like iTunes (which I though sets their tracks at a minimum of $0.99??? not sure) even when the work can be considered derivative (to both album's defense, I have not heard either, but if they are classified as a remix, they technically aren't covers). On another note, if OCR did go through the process of contacting the publisher/copyright owner for the works directly what may have been the process of negotiating a derivative works license and mechanical use license? Well I guess better question might be, would someone like me even be able to get/negotiate a derivative works license (I can probably get a mechanical license from Loudr) from the likes of Square, Sony, or Disney (depends on which songs I'm doing obviously), let alone afford it.....ohh and I want to do a studio video so yeah....sync license...yyyyyeah...Also would a mechanical license even be necessary since you're not selling the work anyway (my guess to this answer might be that you are still streaming it (maybe) so you have to take those plays into consideration since you buy per plays)? Honestly I think most remixers fly under the radar when doing things like this (aka every unofficial "Turn down for What" EDM remix out there) unless it blows up or gets large attention like the FF6 campaign, especially considering OCR's name, but still, should I attempt? Should I deter this creative idea that I've had for a while just because of some outdated copyright procedures and litigation tactics?! Needless to say, I've still got some ways to go before actually launching my campaign; I've got a convention coming up that I want to hopefully generate interest from, I'm thinking about a launch party, etc. I'm not even 100% on the final asking price yet...or even the final track count. But at the very least I'm trying to keep the maximum project cost below $5k. Heck, I may be able to squeeze a smaller EP as a worst case scenario, but definitely at a slower pace and with fewer tracks and people that I want on the project. Lastly, I've read that its sort of a legal grey area to consider a kickstarter donation in comparison to a store purchase. Namely because the time of legal ownership is different, and the essence of what is being purchased is also different. In a store to product relationship, what is being bought is a product. In kickstarter's view, you're purchasing the manufacturing not the product thus shouldn't be viewed as a presale either. I only mention this because I needed to figure out if Kickstarter still constitutes as a sale of a product even if I'm distributing the final product as a free download and even with limited print physical copies. I know this is a bit wordy, but since there might be a few people here that might have some detailed info on this topic, I thought to give it a shot to get some insight. ATM I don't mind flying under the radar to take a chance at a mini project like this either. Just seeing if there's more I could do to limit my risk before hand. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey all, Not entirely sure if this is worth submitting at all as I don't think you can technically consider this a "remix", but I still thought I'd post it here considering it does use actual game audio, though a lot more original content then I think is allowed. In any case, I hope you all enjoy!