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I dont know what the rules are on advertising... i didnt see any:tomatoface: , or an appropriate section. Hope this is ok.

Ive just finished redesigning , and figured I would see if any FF7 fans here would be interested in checking it out.

We've been around for about 6 months and we're still growing. We recently did a complete overhaul of the site's visuals and content, and are trying to take a fresh approach to fansites. We have some interesting content and a friendly community.

Hope you check it out

Im probably sounding like a complete noob lol. If anyone likes the visuals of the site, im also working on some of the design for the Missingno tracks... dont know why im writing that, i guess so you know im not just some random noob... though i am really :P

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Im probably sounding like a complete noob lol

case in point.

correct grammar generally prevents you from sounding like a nub. not using pictures that are dumb are like that also helps. and, since most everyone here forgot what the Missingno Tracks are, you should mention that it's for the pokemon project. it isn't ever going to get finished, anyways, but still.

that said, interesting site. i'm a self-proclaimed ff7 fanboy myself.

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