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  1. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    i sent you a PM with some more info! hopefully we can work something out.
  2. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    thanks nabeel =D for those wondering, while i forgot to take pics of his build, we did a pretty fun build featuring an i7-8700k, 2tb of M.2 SSDs, and 64gb of 3466mhz DDR4. i did some overclocking on it and a bit of window dressing with RGB stuff, and apparently it's working pretty well. in particular it sounds like the crazy speed of the 960 EVOs is allowing for some really crazy load times. i've also done a few other builds since this one - one for a guy on the boards, and two for family members (embedded machines for an office). i have two more in planning for the black friday / christmas rush as well =)
  3. prophetik music

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018

    aww, i just saw this. i absolutely would have participated. i need to visit the compo forum more often.
  4. prophetik music

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    how do i turn off reply notifications? this thread is a pit of misery and i want to stop getting dinged every time angelcityoutlaw decides to respond aggressively despite not caring. edit: figured it out =D
  5. prophetik music

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    this is a good way to say it. i got a few degrees in music that essentially nailed the coffin on ever doing it professionally simply because i hated it so much by the time i was done - the in-culture, the requirement to network constantly, and the number of good gigs going to someone because they knew a guy that knew a guy instead of going to the best choice (not that i ever was that) really was a turn-off. the actual music was fun, but doing it for a job was maybe 10% of that. then we had some kids, and my hours changed, and my priorities changed. success for me was providing for my family no matter the circumstances, and finding a way to pursue more than just one interest both from a financial and time standpoint. i think i've accomplished that pretty comfortably. it looks way different than what i thought it'd be in my early 20s, and that's probably for the better now that i know more about who i am and who i am not.
  6. prophetik music

    Chrono Cross Remix Project - submitted!

    it's been a while! at this time we're roughly next in line. i have more information that i'm waiting to be finalized before i say a specific date, but it should be very soon.
  7. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    during boot, the computer attempts to initialize all the drives. sounds like there's something that's causing that service to choke during boot that windows itself is fine with. replace the drive immediately. don't use it unless you absolutely have to.
  8. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    @misty78, you'd be surprised what you could do with a much smaller budget, i think. depends on what you're doing though.
  9. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    nabeel's got it. streaming DFD might be your issue. if not, then it's definitely possible the drive's failing.
  10. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    i don't remember offhand what was in it, but assuming it's a generic big storage drive, and you're still getting disk errors after a defrag cycle, get a new drive. you might be in the early stages of early drive failure. anything i built in the last few years shouldn't be failing at loading projects so hard that it's timing out on loads.
  11. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    i did a build recently for a currently unnamed person on the boards who said it was ok to post about it. pretty slick build overall. here's the build. shroom for sizing. MX300 boot drive, 2x M.2 evo for samples, 64gb RAM, i7-8700k cpu, evga 650w G2 psu, big cooler, nice mobo. buyer already had a GTX 970 so they didn't need a graphics card. isn't the cooler box obnoxiously large? i OC'd the cpu to about 4.4ghz or so and the ram to around 3333mhz (didn't quite run stable enough for music at 3466). HDD benchmarks were off the chart. superpi and hyperpi numbers were obnoxious as well as is expected. for reference, this was about 2600$ in parts shipped to me. meshify c case. really great tempered-glass case for the price. here's a shot of the inside. no graphics card yet but you see where it'll go. the cpu cooler, RAM, and mobo all had RGB which was a fun thing to get to read together (in other words, it wasn't). front mounted radiator which is a first for me but it worked really well. the one fan cord is killing me...i didn't have a spare extension/molex converter or splitter, i didn't want to plug in a psu cable just for that connection, and my only complaint about this board is that it doesn't have enough fan headers IMO for chassis fans. oh well. there's always one cord you can't really hide. this shot is a little clearer about what's what with rgb.
  12. prophetik music

    I want to build you a computer

    what's your goal? is it just to get a w10 boot drive to run faster? or are you trying to accelerate a big storage drive?
  13. prophetik music

    Chrono Cross Remix Project - submitted!

    just an update - we got some feedback and did mastering and/or cleanup on a bunch of tracks. i'm hoping to hear back soon with the final word after these cleanups.
  14. prophetik music

    ...RIP ReMix ThaSauce Again??

    according to escariot in this thread, miszou is one of sole signal's old handles, along with audix (the one he was forced to change from a while ago).
  15. prophetik music

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    before your time. he left, came back for a while, and then left again.