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I have a Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty guitar.


As you can see it has 3 humbuckers. I've heard that have 3 pickups drowns the tone of all 3 pickups. And plus the third pickup is in the way of my picking.

So Im trying to remove the pickup as a whole and just have a cavity there. I plan on replacing the neck and bridge pickups with something wtih more output, as im trying to get a metal tone.

How Would I go about doing this? I've searching on googled and came up with nothing. I Know that after removing the pick up, Im going to have to rewire the connections so that it runs for 2 pick ups instead of three.

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Have you specifically googled "guitar wiring diagrams" or "pickup wiring diagrams"? I was looking into rewiring a bass a while ago, and although I still haven't gotten around to doing it, I was able to find wiring diagrams for the pickup I wanted to use.

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