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VGOP #11 - Results!


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Not a great turnout for this one, but I'll blame that on exams and... the weather?

Veteran Gamer Poll #11

What is your philosophy when playing a game (adventure game, fps, or rpg)? Do you hone your skills, hoard items, and/or level up so that every fight is an easy one? Or do you sprint headlong into the fray?

... what is your general strategy?

Here are the results:

a. Chaaaaarrrge! - 4 votes WINNER!


b. It took some time, but now I can crush every foe with epic ease. - 1 vote


c. A healthy mix. - 4 votes WINNER (also)!


Well, looks like another tie. I was pleased to see that there are other hero-wannabes out there who fear not the onslaught. There were an equal number of sensible folks who probably do much better in platformers and FPS games than myself. Only one person said they were willing to work for their gaming success, though. With that kind of determination, I'd be rich by now. Too bad I'm lazy...

Thanks for voting!

New poll, and new format, soon.

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