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VGOP #12 - Musical Skills - Results!


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Sorry it's taken a while to post results. Watch out for whatever bug I had. Blech...

Here's the question posted last time and the votes:

What level of musical study/training have you received?

a. none whatsoever/self-taught - 4 votes (25%)


b. some lessons/learned a song or two - 1 vote (6.25%)


c. played in school/a few years of lessons - 7 votes (43.75%) - WINNER!


d. degree in music/career in music - 4 votes (25%)


A good showing this time from both ReMixers and listeners. The majority of folks seemed to have had a substantial amount of musical training. Most of the ReMixers who responded fell into that or the professional categories, which is not surprising considering the quality of music here at OCR. Kudos to those ReMixers who are self-taught, though.

In total, more than half of the people who responded to this poll (out of a glorious sixteen) were ReMixers.

Thanks for voting, everyone, and a special thanks to the ReMixers who participated.

New poll soon. PM me if you like for suggestions, questions, etc.

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