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You want boss month, you get BOSS MONTH MOTHER F- (Illusion of Gaia - Final Battle)


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No reason. No reason, apart from ignorance, that this has not yet been remixed. And that excuse I intend to eliminate right now.

Goes without saying: watch in HD.

Does not go without saying: watch through the loop to fully appreciate the rockingness of this source!

This is a little piece from Illusion of Gaia I like to call FUCK YEAH. This is 2m45s of full-on orchestral rockingness, with the snes soundchip. Think you can do better? Up for the challenge?

PS: the spc can be found at http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=1189. Track 22. The proper title is Clash Of Light And Shadow. This is the final battle.

PPS: The IoG soundtrack does nothing for me (and I have fond memories of the game), but this track is phenomenal. Composition (arrangement, time sig changes, motif callouts, etc), chutzpah, they all impress. Amongst the best. If nothing else, this is another kickass chiptune to add to your playlist.

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