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Nario - Hallucinogenic Ethics


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SoundCloud - Hallocinogenic Ethics

Download (Left-Click)

I know it's been a long time since I last released a song. But nonetheless, here's my latest release. It was submitted to CMC28, a competition at OCR and other forums. Here's the story that follows the song:

"Dr. Korvasic was pondering his own existence while surrounded by his many self-made vaccines and concoctions in his dark lab. Having decided he had no reason to live, he took one of his potions labeled 'Quick Suicide' and consumed it. Oh, but it did anything but quickly kill him: all the sudden, he stood up, turned on the lights, and started to work on potions that would improve the bloodflow and health of his body. All day and all night he combined chemicals together in order to improve his own self. However, slowly but surely, he was combining dangerous chemicals in ratios that contained more harmful effects than helpful effects. When he had finished his concoctions, he drank them all at once, thinking that he would become the healthiest human ever. It was then that his body instantly shut down from the dangerous combinations of all of his concoctions, failing to animate amidst his numerous vaccines."

I hope you like the song! Oh, and I can't figure out how to allow you all to download the song from SoundCloud. :-(

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Sounds alright, seems well made for the most part, but it's real flaw is that not very catchy or spontaneous. It's one of those things that's hard to quantify, or qualify, for that matter. So the track is perfectly good, but doesn't really grab the listening or keep my attention.

You might want to try experimenting with things like mood, more interesting buildups, and inventing some cooler sounds in your next track. It definitely sounds like you've got the basics down, and like I said, the work is good work so far... work on catchyness now, I'd say.

Looking forward to hearing more. Hope this wasn't harsh?

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