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  1. Let me know when you've got something, and i'll let them now. I haven't seen the project leader yet to let him know about you, but when i do, i'll let ya know.

  2. Dude, hook me up. Also, I'm definitely willing to try and write some overworld themes, but I'd prefer to try and write them first and see if they like them before I commit myself. I don't want to do a bad job, even if it's only for a fan game... :D

  3. Actually, if your interested, i was just talking to guy in charge of the Project Legacy fan made game and he's looking for a 2nd composer. I'm the only composer right now, and to get the whole soundtrack done, or at least most of it, we'll need about 30 tracks. I specialize in writing action themed tracks such as battle themes, but we need someone who can write the overworld themes. If you don't have the VSTs to get that Mega Man sound, i can hook you up.

  4. This is not relevant to the topic, but did you say you're writing original tunes for fan made video games? That sounds like fun! Is this in a fan-game making community somewhere on the internetz? I'd be interested in playing some megaman fan games myself... though I have to admit I'd totally love to work on an snes style rpg with somebody at some point. How'd you get involved with something like that?
  5. I pretty much agree with diseased project here. I'd also say, adjust some of the velocities on your drum track just to vary them up, because each hit sounds almost exactly the same strength. maybe i'm imagining it, but it was pretty noticeable to me. otherwise, i thought the composition and execution on the whole was pretty intense, so well done. i could think of nothing but 80s metal while listening to this, though for some reason i kept thinking of the glam metal hairstyles. guess they're burned into my head. i think you and my brother would have a lot to talk about, he's into shred guitar, and quite the skilled soloist himself.
  6. Hah, you're giving me too much praise man My friend was saying this should be music in a fire stage. I was planning on making this longer, at least experimenting with it, with some kind of intense melding of all the elements in a kind of build up style at the end. Actually I'm hoping to find the time to get back to work on this later this week... Thanks for all your comments, man. They are much appreciated.
  7. Many thanks, my man. Honestly I find going for a certain sound helps, but in the end experimenting with different sounds and improv'ing some progression/melody ideas is the only way I can do original material. I've never had a decent melody just pop into my head, which is why most of my stuff doesn't really have melodies. With this one it's all one long progression. I'll have to check out your wips and decide for myself whether or not they have a bad punk sound, though
  8. I've put on the first track, and this is goddamn awesome. I'm going to have to wait till I'm home to download all of it. Just from hearing this though, I think you belong with 8bitpeoples. What are you using, if you don't mind me asking? LSDJ? Fami? http://www.8bitpeoples.com/
  9. So, this is probably the coolest original WIP I've ever done. I've been trying to experiment with a pop sound that mixes my interest in electronica, chiptunes, opera, strings, and post-rock, and I think this mix has brought me a little closer to that goal. Ideally, I would have a vocalist, instead of having to sample, but this gets the message across. I think an operatic female vocalist would make this sound pretty cool, even if she had no glitch-processing done on her voice. Actually, I think that would sound magical and amazing. Maybe someday... I think this may need some work in terms of a cooler bassline, but I'm also thinking about bringing in some bowed-guitar-like post-rock sounds to the mix (similar to the electro/"thrash" WIP I posted awhile back), and I might experiment with that. Right now the mix is busy, but still sounds a little chilled out. It would be cool to see it get more intense with another minute or so of material and have all the different sound elements converge in some kind of operatic post-rock chiptronica orgasm. Well, listeners welcome. Let me know if you liked it http://www.mediafire.com/?imt0iygwuj3
  10. This is great. I'm going to listen to this at work to kill the pain
  11. My issue with famitracker is the interface. It's not bad, but it's really time consuming to navigate, especially if you're starting out. I'm so used to the fl score approach that I end up losing it just trying to space my notes out in famitracker the way I want. Being a noob doesn't help, but still. I wish someone would simply take the famitracker instrument creator and make a VST out of it for fl studio. Speaking of, what are you using for your NES-alike sounds? I have the NES soundfont, and I've found I can mimic the arpeggio chiptune effect half-decently well with the delay effect. I've used the granulizer with some samples, but it's hit and miss... Anyway, on to your track now: I love this. It immediately brought a smile to my face. First of all, the hook is beautiful. The track as a whole is insane, it has this kind of positive energy and a playful, frenetic dark feel at the same time, and it's damn catchy. I said I was impressed with your last track, but this one is freaking me out. If there was a stage in mega man 9 for funk man, this would be on the ost. I'm not sure I can pay you a higher compliment than that. MOAR!!! I want a whole album of this glory.
  12. I think this is probably my only decent wip to date. This is partially inspired by my memories of hurricane Andrew in Florida, specifically at night with all the blue flashes from the transformers when the storm hit the coast and started knocking out power lines. I think this track could still use some more textures and some fine tuning, but I'm sharing it as is because I thought it was sounding cool, and who knows when I'll finish it up. Listeners welcome... http://www.mediafire.com/?cjmymolmmdy Let me know if you liked it
  13. A comment?! On my wip page?! I'll admit I'm kind of a fiend when it comes to clipping and poor EQ. My remix wips have all had major EQ problems. I'll learn, eventually : ) Seriously, though, thanks for the feedback.
  14. Niiice. This was always my favorite MJ song. Though Billy Jean is crazy sick...
  15. Alright... + 1000 Internets for you then. I didn't mean to put you in a deficit just because I like Super Metroid and prefer killing aliens for great justice. I admit I used strong words against Shadow Complex, and it was not brotherly-like, albeit I meant no serious business. Forgive me, dudes. I should have known that one does not simply walk into a Shadow Complex thread and rage about Super Metroid. It was folly.
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