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Anyone know where you can get Everyday Shooter music?


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Read title. I really like the music for the game. I'm not necessarily asking for a handout, here. If Jonathan Mak has made a CD available, I'd be happy to pay for it. But I don't think he has, so I'm wondering if there's any place I can download these songs?

I found a decent remix the other day:


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The music from Everyday Shooter is on last.fm.

Also, while this isn't the music from Everyday Shooter, per se, Jonathan Mak did release an album of music made in a similar vein, fiveonefivefour. One of the songs was used in his newest game, Gate 88.

There are also a couple of YouTube videos with the game music included.

Everyday Shooter - Level 6 - The Angry Pieces

(Sorry, poor quality, but the only one available)

Everyday Shooter - Level 8 - So Many Ways

There are also a few guitar tabs available, so that you can play the music yourself, if you wished.

Everyday Shooter Tab - Main Menu

Everyday Shooter Tab - Training Level

Everyday Shooter Tab - Level 1 - Robot

Everyday Shooter Tab - Level 3 - Lush Look Killer

Everyday Shooter Tab - Level 4 - Porco in the Sky

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