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  1. A little something I came up with for Smash Brothers. http://whoisdahlia.webcomic.ws/comics/31
  2. Listening to the first CD right now. It's fantastic. It's like I'm playing the game again, with all the emotions I felt during the first time I played. Sometimes something comes along to tell us that our childhood isn't dead, but is still thriving inside of us. This is one of those "somethings." Thanks for all the effort, guys. It was well worth the wait.
  3. BEST. APRIL. FOOLS. I was totally fooled. In reality, the album is never coming out.
  4. I think having an awesome trailer was a 200,000 stretch goal. I'm not complaining; congratulations, OCREMIX, for having your first major budgeted project. Also for getting a sense of your monetary worth, via kickstarter. My only disappointment is that the download came out prior to the physical album, which I'm still waiting for. Working in film and book publishing, I completely sympathize with the situation, though. I was just looking forward to hearing it all before the non-donators. Exclusivity is an important part of what drives kickstarter donations. Of course, the physical CDs are exclusive, so that's cool. Anyway, I'm not going to download the songs. I'm still going to wait until the physical album arrives. I look forward to it.
  5. Zipp

    Back to back hits

    I just tried it now. It does work, and I think it has to do with the light instrumentation of Rose General, the slow opening of Sacred Flute, and the fact that Rose ends and Sacred begins (I don't think I'm mistaken on this) in the same key.
  6. Zipp

    Back to back hits

    I could definitely hear that working out, yeah! That's like when I play Gutsman's theme on the piano, it always ends up blending into Electric Man's theme.
  7. For fun, I've been creating a few seamless OcRemix albums to share with family, and friends (and hopefully get them to come to the site). I was wondering if anyone here has some favorite pairings of songs? What I mean is, songs that seem to flow right into each other, whether because of beats or style. The one that got me started on the project was IronSword: Rise of Kuros (Brandon Strader) followed by FFVII: Duel of the Blades (Kevin Penkin). If you haven't given those a back to back listen, try it out. It's pretty fantastic.
  8. It has been a year or more since I've logged in to post, but I felt I had to comment on this track because it's just that good. Really, I thought the vocals were the original singer, maybe lifted from the game track. They were clean and powerful, losing none of their growl on those high trills, which is impressive (and difficult, I know). And the incorporation of the many Metal Gear themes into this melody left me wanting more and more and more, just to see what you could do with the other famous tracks from the series. Great work.
  9. Yeah, I'd never heard the "suz" version, but I agree that it's much more polished! I do still appreciate the grittiness of the original.
  10. Oh, of course it would be the minibosses! Thanks!
  11. Hey, wondered if anyone knew the name of this particular castlevania remix. It's a metal mix of Wicked Child and Vampire Killer. The transitions between the songs (3:45 in the video) is particularly cool. You can hear the song I'm talking about in the linked video, though you may cringe a bit at the poor quality of the recording. I'm just looking for something, like a name or artist, that could differentiate it from the hundreds of other wicked child remixes.
  12. I can't believe you guys didn't do this sooner. I always thought pieces like PSI Piano Omega and pretty much anything Klutz ever did severely lacked the spoken word. I would be more than willing to help out with this movement. I have access to quite a few voice actors, including Mercedes Rose who voices Daisy in the Mario games, and what I'm envisioning is that we just take all the old tracks and overlay them with these voice actors reading selections of Shakespeare's sonnets. As well as some of my own poetic work, which is arguably more accesible and better written than the sonnets, despite my young age. We will take this shit viral and we will completely redefine the video game remix community, something that Overclocked remix is famous for but really hasn't been making much headlines in lately. This is that boost the community needs. Absolutely.
  13. I really do like the Angry Video Game nerd but I REALLY REALLY wish he would stop doing poop humour. It's just not funny. I can't make it through the Odyssey video. Also, his gimmicks (like having characters show up or just getting ridiculously mad) are bad. He's actually a very good reviewer, better than Yahtzee I would say (though not nearly as witty or funny), and is at his best when he's simply pointing out what sucks about a game without the fanfare. Like his observation about the Konami head zapper thing in NES Accesosories: that you have to be screaming out loud in order to use it, yet it's supposed to be conscientious of others in the room... hilarious.
  14. Zipp

    Portal 2

    I'm pumped that Stephen Merchant is one of the voice actors.
  15. I haven't reviewed a song in over two years, but I had to post this brief blurb. I am really pleased to find an enjoyable Schala remix. Schala's theme is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult songs to remix. It has such a unique sound that to mess with it is usually to take away from it. I have not enjoyed a schala remix ever, I'm sorry to say, with the possible exception of the One Up's lounge-style version (Cd1?) That said, I love this remix. You've done trance without going over the top with the bass (which is one of those beginner errors that even advanced mixers make) and have kept the main theme subtle, understanding that that is how it should be. Orchestral mixes always get it wrong... they power up the main theme when if you listen to the original, it's actually the percussion that is brought most forward with the bells and wind being a background element. Schala's theme is a piece that we are meant to strain to hear and the fact that you've accomplished that with trance is impressive and worth my time to comment on.
  16. lol, Rumble Roses is not a great game, no. But it sells for a surprisingly high amount, considering what it is. I just saw an ebay sale of it for 50.00... seems a little high...
  17. Does anyone know how to create reflect or if it is a command? I've played through all of Terra's game and most of Ven's without seeing it... yet someone on a gaming forum was referencing it. Maybe he meant "block?"
  18. Ah really? I don't have a lot of experience with ebay. How much do you think it will go for (I'm debating if it's even worth my time)?
  19. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330472703102 I think that's a pretty good deal for a Backwards Compatible PS3, don't you? Especially with all those games. Not all of them are great, but there are some shockingly good ones in there for the price. I'm tempted to bid on this even though I already have a PS3... the resale alone might be worth it. What do you think?
  20. Weird. Well, I found the song on my old computer. It's called "Skydiving into the Ocean" by Daniel Lippert. Not sure where it came from, if not from here. It's pretty awesome, though. Kind've a new age-y jazz piece with a lot of ambiance.
  21. Yes, I did. Thanks, though.
  22. I'm interested! I'll be reviewing it within the week.
  23. Hey, I remember downloading onto my old computer (now not available to me) a remix that mixed the hang-glider music from Pilotwings 64 with Dire Dire Docks from Mari 64, transitioning into Dire Dire Docks for the second half of the song. It's not here anymore. Anyone know what happened to it/where I can get it again?
  24. Zipp

    Metroid: Other M

    This was my review of the game, for those who are interested: http://www.gameroni.com/posts/88.html I also unfortunately got the game breaking glitch: http://www.gameroni.com/posts/90.html I'd be curious to know if anyone else got this...?
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