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VGOP #13 - Results


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Despite the choice typo (drat!) there were over twenty votes on the following question:

So, quite simply, has OCR taught you anything?

a. Yes, indeed.

b. Maybe...

b. Nope.

Here's how it played out:

a. Yes, indeed. - 20 votes (87%)!!!

b. Maybe... - 2 votes (9%)

b. Nope. - 1 vote (4%)

As I said, great turnout this time, with a lot of highly-regarded names offering their opinions. I can't say that I'm surprised by the result, considering the drive to improve which is fostered here at OCR. A few voters poitned out that the community is a great way to get answers and learn, which even I, as a lurker turned one-WIP wonder, have found to be true.

Thanks for voting! New poll very soon.

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