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VG Opinion Poll #14 - Results!


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Makin' movies!

Strong opinions last time. Here's the question and your votes:

VG Opinion Poll #14

What video game or series would you most want to see turned into a movie?

a. Metroid - 8 votes (40%)

b. The Legend of Zelda - 6 votes (30%)

c. Mega Man - 1 vote... (5%)

d. Castlevania - 2 votes (10%)

e. Ninja Gaiden - 3 votes (15%)

Honestly, I thought there would be more votes for the boy in blue. Poor guy... He gets put through robotic hell and only Dr. Light supports his silver screen dreams. Anyway, I thought the last one got some good discussions going. I wonder if the upcoming CGI film-enhanced Metroid: Other M had anything to do with the final tally.

Thanks for voting. New poll as soon as I think of it. So... hopefully soon.

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